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VT CB Adonis Alexander expected to enter supplemental draft

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1 hour ago, reamer said:

About what I expected him to test out at. He's not fast, he's not explosive. He's rangy, but is beaten far too often underneath and intermediately. He's going to get roasted in the NFL if you ask him to do anything else other than play HARD corner in a cover 2 defense or drop deep 1/3 in an off-cover 3 defense.     Those things are incredibly easy to do and I wouldn't put any value in players that only offer those traits. He might be able to transition to safety, but that's a huge gamble in itself too. He's a slow and skinny safety with zero experience there.

I wouldn't spend any more than a 7th on him and even that would be questionable. I didn't think he was anywhere near a 3rd round pick the more tape I studied. He has no chance against the dynamic route runners that the NFL has on the outside.

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