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Predict the 53 Man Roster

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I'm bored. Why not? lol

QB Mariota, Gabbert, Falk
HB Henry, Lewis, Wadley
WR Davis, Matthews, Taylor, Sharpe, Campanaro, Burnett 
TE Walker, Smith, Stocker 
T Lewan, Conklin, Kelly, Pamphile
G Spain, Kline, Su'a-Filo
C Jones, Levin

DE Casey, Jones, King
DT Johnson, Logan, Ramsay
OLB Orakpo, Morgan, Landry, Wallace, Carraway
ILB Woodyard, Evans, Brown, Compton, Bates
CB Ryan, Butler, Jackson, Sims, Smith
S Byard, Cyprien, Cruikshank, Trawick, Lewis

K Succop
P Kern
LS Brinkley

Doubt we carry 10 linebackers though. Maybe take one out for another running back like Fluellen or an end like Dodd/Dickerson? Guys like Bates, Trawick, and Campanaro are pretty much purely there for special teams. 

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It’s just hard to wrap my head around who makes the team in June. Injuries will happen but if everyone is healthy what you have is pretty close to accurate. 

My hope is that Ethan Wolf is good enough to make the team but he has a tough job ahead of him to make it over 2 veterans like Stocker and Supernaw. I’m not a fan of either guy but Jonnu is only in his 2nd year so Wolf would have to come in and show he can be a good blocker and  play Special Teams well to beat out those guys.

Sharif Finch is a name who seems to have flashed early in camp so it will be interesting to see if he can beat out Wallace or Carraway who havnt don’t a whole lot when given a chance.

Going forward just looking at the WRs I’m still not thrilled yet with what we have. Matthews is reliable and Davis needs to take a jump. Davis had as good of a final game as you could ask for but like Vrabel said he needs to be the guy this year. Sharpes foot could fail at any time and Taylor was the complete opposite of Davis and had about as bad of an ending to a season as you could have. Poor guy couldn’t catch or even line up correctly during the Pats game. He needs to be better because he will be counted on in this offense 

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