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Camp Battles - SLB / 3rd LBer.

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On 15/06/2018 at 9:40 AM, Jags said:

So if Jacobs gets the role, that means Blair Brown will be pulling back up duties, which I am fine with because he's a talented backer who could always step in if someone gets injured. Let's see how the story develops once the pads get put on. I hate the heat in July, but I am going to enjoy the stories. 

It makes sense to me to do it that way, if Jacobs looks ready.  Blair Brown probably has a bit more versatility, or at least experience in the system...which probably makes him an easier fit to backup too.  At all 3 spots really.  Easy plug in and play option if there's an injury...especially a shorter term one where a guy maybe has to come out for a series or two, you can just plug Brown in and not have to totally shuffle around and rejig anything.

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