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The Siege of Gotham Mafia - Mafia Wins!!!

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The following is rated MA, for mature audiences only.  Viewer discretion is advised.

The cold froze the night air outside Arkham Asylum, stinging the lungs with every breath.  A group of men walked through the entrance and up to the security check point.  Pop! Pop! Pop! Three shots echoed through the halls and pierced the screams of the committed.  Three security guards fell to the floor never knowing how they met their end.  

One of the men jumped over the security desk and began searching the computer for a name while another looked at his watch and yelled out, "Ten minutes until the Bat arrives!"

The man at the computer jumped up real fast and motioned for the others to follow him "Room 13," he said as they moved down a side hallway.  The lights on the walls were old and decrepit, flickering ever few seconds.  

"Here," shouted one of the men, as another declared "8 minutes."  The men turned to the left and saw the number 13 on the door, this was what they had came for, what they were risking it all for. 

A man lay in the room, sleeping.  Dreaming of God knows what, this was an insane asylum.  Bam!!!  The man was startled out of his deep sleep, only to see armed men bursting through his door.  Disoriented and in shock the man scrambled out of bed and pulled it across him to form a barrier between himself and the mysterious men who were rushing into his room.  Just as he looked up to see who the men were, the moonlight began to crest upon the face of the man in front.   

"Hello there, uh, you have something we, uh, want," the man that appeared to be the leader proclaimed.  "You see, uh, the virus and the vaccine are needed to help us, uh, kill the Bat...Man.  We can infect him and anyone else we want to and they would never know.  They would go about their, uh, lives for one month, not knowing they would be infecting any and all that they came into contact with. It's, uh, the perfect virus.  No one would know what was happening, then voila it would be all over.  The, uh, Bat....Man would be no more!"

"I'll never help you, the virus is mine to use," replied the man in the room.  The men looked at each other and began to move forward as if to grab the man, just as a whoosh fell across the room.

Everyone turned to the door, a man wearing a cape and covered head to toe in black stood silhouetted by the flickering hallway lights.  "Who was keeping time," the leader said in complete frustration.  He then turned his attention back to the man in the room.  "Well that is, uh, quite unfortunate"  The man in the room had disappeared out an open window next to his bed.

Just as the tension in the room began building to an apex.  The man in the doorway, in a deep weathered voice said, "Whatever your plan was here tonight, it's over.  Just like your days of terrorizing Gotham are over."  The leader turned back and stared straight at the man dressed as a bat and said "Do I, uh, look like a man with plan?" As he was speaking he pulled out a device and paused while scanning the room.  "Let's see you survive this," he shouted as he pressed the button. KABOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!



(Play while reading for added effect).

Sunlight began to peak through a crack in the surface above a man covered in blood.  He lay lifeless as men and women above worked feverishly to find any survivors among the layers and layers of stone, pipe, brick, and metal piled up where Arkham Asylum once stood.  

Slowly the light about the man began to grow, larger and larger with every passing second until faces started to appear.  A woman paused for a brief second to look down into the opening, heartache showing on her face.  She saw the man was wearing black, with some sort of cloth material resting next to him.  The rescue workers had an uneasy and anxious feeling that was growing with every passing second.  Working methodically they uncovered a large enough opening to pull the body out.

The man's lifeless, limp, and mangled body was slowly and painstakingly removed from the ruble, inch by inch. Once clear of all obstructions, the man was moved to a flat area on top of the smoldering ruble.  The rescue workers started to realize who the man laying there was, Head of the Major Crimes Unit Detective Gerard Stephens.  Stephens had been in the neighborhood when the call went of of shots fired at Arkham Asylum. He had helped to spearhead the city's response to the rise in crime that recently began to get exponentially more deadly.    

The body was placed gently on the ground as every worker in the area stoped what they were doing and turned to pay their respects to a man they all loved and believed in.  Heads dropped and tears were flowing as a truly great person and to some a hero, lay motionless on the ground.  

A woman who was helping out with the rescue operations slowly moved toward the man and gently placed her hand on his cheek.  Tears were streaming down her face, she looked over the body with a softness that only a woman could, feeling sadness for the city and praying for his soul.  

More people started to crowd around the man and woman.  The tension was building with every passing second.  A dark cloud of deep sorrow and sadness engulfed the site where the asylum once stood.  Disbelief and heartache were felt by all who stood there in the ruble, Detective Stephens had become a victim of the evil he fought so vigorously to rid Gotham of.  

Suddenly one of the workers, with tears in his eyes stood tall and saluted.  Over the man's shoulder the city flag flickered in the wind, placed there when the rescue workers arrived to help remind everyone what it is that keeps them going and fighting.  

Off to the side of the fluttering flag stood the masked man in a cape, chest out and saluting.

Pickle Rick @Famous Jameis is dead, he was Detective Gerard Stephens - Civ Aligned  



Television after television suddenly turned on throughout Gotham.  The image on the screen was horrifying to all those that were watching with fear and curiosity frozen on their faces.  A woman dressed in a torn and bloody white t-shirt and jeans stood on the apex of Gotham bridge, where a make shift ledge protruded from the structure, a noose around her neck.  Her screams pierced through every screen, stunning those watching.  

The picture on the television zoomed out and paned over to a figure standing alone, looking down with his arms spread out, like the wingspan of a majestic bald eagle.  The man slowly gazed up at the camera so all could see the evil in his eyes as he spoke, "Ladies and, uh, gentleman today we have before you the beautiful and wonderfully talented Miss Emily Sanders.  You know, uh, the one that gave us such hits as, uh, Freedom and Stand Your Ground, oh and my personal favorite, Gravity.  You see, uh, I have this little problem with the, uh, Bat...Man.  He is no hero of yours Gotham, he is more, uh, like a thorn in the side of freedom, freedom for all."

"Let's turn our attention back to, uh, Miss Sanders.  If you do not bring me the, uh, Bat....Man in 24 hours Miss Sanders will being singing a different tune, uh, one that only the dead can hear....."  The man on the screen let our a laugh so evil that the insane had a moment of clarity, because they too heard pure evil. 

"Oh, and to deter the police from rescuing Miss Sanders I have placed explosives all around Gotham Bridge.  If anyone gets within one mile of it, they will be, uh, setting Miss Sanders free of earthly bondage." 




A little over 23 hours passed with not even a sound from the man holding Miss Sanders hostage atop Gotham Bridge, nothing from Batman or the police either.  The people of Gotham were fixated on their televisions unable to gaze away for even just one second.  Coverage of Miss Sanders captivated and angered all.  Just as the 24 hour window was about to expire, the man appeared back on the screens. 

"Hello Gotham! It's time!  I, uh, thought you had more guts to do what had to be done.  No, I, uh, guess not," preached the man.  Everyone watching was on the edge of their seats with their hearts in their throats, where was Batman, where was the police.  

The man began pacing back and forth while lecturing emphatically with his hands.  The setting sun reflecting off of a serrated knife in his right hand. "Where is the, uh, Bat....Man? Where is the, uh, police? You see, uh, I run this town, I decide who lives and who dies.  You can't stop me.  You won't stop me." The camera now zoomed in for a close up on his face.  Painted in white and red, his face clearly showed evidence of scars arching out from his lips.  The man continued with his tirade, "You won't stop me Gotham!  The, uh, Bat...Man won't stop me!"

The man pointed the knife at the scars on his face and spoke to the camera, "You want to know how I got these, uh, scars? You see, uh, when I was younger and just a street thug, I watched fear grip everyone's faces as I robbed them. So, uh, one day I was walking down the street, right here in Gotham.  I had grown tired of seeing fear and terror in people's eyes so I, uh, stopped in the middle of the street and turned my knife up to my cheeks.  It took one quick slice to do this to myslef.  I thought, the least I could do was let people see a, uh, happy face during a dark time."

Just as the man pulled a trigger from his coat pocket, the camera moved off of the deranged man and panned up to the suspensions that secured the bridge.  A man was trying to climb up to rescue Miss Sanders.  The camera zommed back out, while framing both the scarred man and the hero trying to rescue the woman.

The man held the trigger and the knife, one in each hand.  He started laughing as he spoke back to the camera, "Well there you have it Gotham, we, uh, have finally found someone more courageous then the Bat...Man.  Rules, Gotham, there are rules!"

The man looked at his watch, while laughing joyfully he said, "3, 2, 1, well that's 24 hours Gotham.  Let's all, uh, put a big smile on our faces for Miss Sanders," He flipped the top switch on the trigger and the ledge Miss Sanders was standing on fell from beneath her.

The man grabbed the camera and in a serious tone shouted, "Give me the Bat...Man or, uh, there will be no end to my wrath.  One structure every night until I have the Bat...Man.  It's on you Gotham, free yourselves."

The man turned his back to the camera and faced Gotham Bridge where the failed rescuer continued to climb.  He began to waive the knife in his hand like the wand of a conductor.  With an emphatic swipe of the knife he flipped the second switch, Boom!

He continued on, never breaking his rhythm.  3 more repeated emphasized strokes, Boom! Boom! Boom!

@Shady Slim is dead, he was Miss Emily Sanders - Civ aligned

@EliteTexan80 is dead, he was Frank Wolf - Civ Aligned



Shortly after the television coverage had ended, a large mob began to form outside of the Police Headquarters.  Some of the men and women had guns, some had knifes, a noose, even a rocket launcher.  The citizens of Gotham appeared to be ready to take back their town. 



The ever growing mob moved on from the police station and started patrolling the streets of Gotham.  They were determined to find the scum that had terrorized them for years.  As they wandered the streets they caught a glimpse of men congregating down a back alley.  A man shouted, "Down there!" The mob was through with being terrorized, they decided it was time to take back all of Gotham, even the shadows.  

The mob pushed forward, down the darken alley, ready to do what had to be done.  With the mob approaching from the only exit to the alley, it meant the men had only one escape, to fight their way out.  The men opened fire in a valiant attempt to survive, but they were no match for the sheer numbers that made up the mob.  Bodies fell one after another, but the mob kept moving down the alley determined to get the men.    

Two men began wrestling with one of the men that was shooting, they fought for his gun and their lives.  After a few moments the tussle ended and the mob had disarmed the men in the alley and tied up the leader.  Another man looked at the others in the alley, who had just fired into the mob, and said, "Leave now or we will end you as well."  The men that appeared to be the captured man's minions dropped their guns and ran out of the alley as fast as they could, bouncing off of people as they escaped.  

The man the mob had grabbed was none other than the notorious cop turned evildoer Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face.  Harvey Dent spent his life in the shadows, ever since his face was turned into leather and people ran from the mere sight of him.  He used his grotesque appearance and ruthlessness to rob, steal, and terrorize Gotham just because he could.  

Gotham had learned of the truth about Harvey Dent, about how he was no longer the heart of Gotham, but rather a thorn in its side and they were ready to remove it. 

"As for you Harvey, this is our city now.  This is our home!  Your a man that likes to watch things burn, so let's watch you burn!" 

The mob doused Harvey with gasoline and lit a match.  Harvey screamed, "I'll be seeing you in hell!"  The man with the match calmly replied, "We're already in hell," as he dropped the match onto Harvey Dent.

@james.mcmurry13 is dead, he was Harvey Dent/Two-FaceMafia aligned



As the van pulled up to the street corner, the driver noticed that the entire intersection had been blocked off by patrol cars, while police tape sectioned off a small area underneath a light pole that was not working.  The man driving pulled up to the barricade and parked his van.  He got out and put on his jacket, with CORONER written in yellow letters on the back.  Snow was falling as the sun started to peak through the high rises that lined the downtown streets.  

The coroner walked up to the police tape and leaned under it.  Almost immediately he noticed a mask laying on the ground next to a body.  The snow started falling faster now as the man started to check the body for I.D. or clues as to who he was.  Checking each pocket of the man laying dead on the ground was a waste of time, there was no I.D.  The man reached in to check the inside jacket pocket, "Ow," the man screamed as he cut himself on two empty and partly shattered vials.  He pulled them out while licking the finger he had just cut.  He looked at the vials more closely, as he did he fell to his knees with his jaw dropped.  One vial read Vaccine and the other labeled MAE6513 - Mutated Airborne Ebola.  

The coroner finally stood up and in a rush started barking orders, "Get this man to the Medical Examiner's office immediately and everyone here needs to be quarantined.  See if the doctors at the University can help us, because we need to know what this is and if anyone has been infected.  If they have been, let's hope those nerds can cure whatever this stuff is.  Let's move people, we can't be wasting time."

As the coroner turned to leave he stopped and picked up the mask laying next to the body, he noticed a name inscribed on the bottom seam, Scarecrow.  He logged the name in his note pad and drove off.

@LetTheBallFly is dead, he was Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow - Other aligned



A loud explosion rocked downtown Gotham, startling everyone that was sleepwalking through their workday.  A mushroom cloud of smoke rose above the university in the center of the city.  Dr. Caitlin Taylor, the leading authority on infectious diseases, drove frantically towards her office at the university.  She was terrified for her friend's, colleagues, and most importantly her lab.  Earlier in the day she had received two broken and empty vials marked Vaccine and the other labeled MAE6513 - Mutated Airborne Ebola.  She had also received a blood sample of a deceased individual who may have been infecting people with the disease. 

She drove up to where her office building was located the day before, she noticed hundreds of people standing outside of a barricade around the smoke filled ruble that used to be her office.

She threw her car into park and ran to the crowd of people, hoping and praying everyone she knew was safe.  To her pleasant suprise, one of her colleagues grabbed her and gave her a big hug, holding her tight, "They evacuated us before the bulding exploded.  We all made it out."  

"Did you grab any of the samples or vials I was working with?  We have a huge problem, the tests came back confirming what was written on the vials.  Mutated Airborne Ebola has been released into Gotham!  I need to start working on a vaccine but I need my work," she exclaimed.  Her colleague replied, "They were gone when I went to get them, lets hope someone else grabbed that and that they were not stolen."

A man standing near by, who knew Caitlin walked up to her and said, "I think you need to see this," while pressing play on the video pulled up on his phone.

"Hello Gotham, uh, I still don't see the Bat....Man in front of me.  I warned you that there are, uh, RULES!  The next one won't get a warning.  GIVE ME THE, UH, BATMAN!" 

Caitlin turned to leave, still in shock.  As she did she noticed a bag sitting on top of her car, inside was all of her work.  



The mob had returned to the streets for a second straight night as the snow kept falling faster and faster.  A woman peaked down a dark ally and thought she saw something, she yelled back to the mob that had started to break away from her, "Here, I think I saw someone."  The mob turned back around and joined her at the mouth of a narrow ally that that had a dark green dumpster on one side below a fire escape that rose above, weaving it's way up to the roof of an apartment building.  

"There, behind the dumpster," came a voice from the mob.  Just then a woman dressed in black leather and wearing cat ears rose from behind one of the dumpsters.  She slowly backed further into the dark ally, trying to distance herself from the angry mob.  

"Just wait a minute guys, let's talk this out.  All I wanted was to have a clean slate and a fresh start.  That is not too much for a girl to ask for, is it? Guys, come on now, you don't want to do this..."  The mob kept advancing until the woman was pinned to a building with no possibility for escape.  

No one from the mob spoke again, they just grabbed her strung her up using the fire escape and left here swinging in the night air, her screams echoing still as they moved on down the street, "We are Batman."

@Whicker is dead, he was Selina/CatwomanCiv aligned.



Death and destruction was now a norm in Gotham, it was a city under siege.  Snow blanketed the city, yet it was not white seen on the ground, but rather red.   The sun did not rise over Gotham, as the snowstorm was in full force, almost a complete whiteout covered the city in a dark light.  Despite the nasty conditions outside the turmoil going on in the streets at night , the citizens of Gotham kept trudging along with their mundane lives.  

The foot traffic in Downtown Gotham was minimal due to the weather, but heavy enough for a man walking on the sidewalk to stub his toe on something in his way.  "What the..." the man said to no one in particular.  He crouched down to examine what he had kicked, but the snow was already a foot high and covered everything on the ground.  He used his hands to dig down a few inches into the snow to see if he could tell what this object was.  Curiosity had taken ahold of him and he was more interested in what was on the sidewalk, then getting to work on time.  

After a minute of digging his fingers were frozen solid, but he was determined to solve the mystery.  Eventually the man dug deep enough to reveal cloth, a shirt.  He pulled at it but it would not budge.  More people began to gather around, wondering what this man was doing in the middle of the sidewalk, in a blizzard, on the ground playing in the snow.  

A few more people started to help the man dig up the object.  They managed to uncover more of it, when a woman let out a shriek that pierced through the blizzard and stopped everyone in their tracks.  "Everybody stop, this is a body!  Call the police."

Once the police arrived they determined the man was Laden Chen, a local resident that had apparently been thrown off the roof of a building during the middle of the night when the storm was at it's peak.  

@bucsfan333 is dead, he was Laden Chen - Civ aligned



The city of Gotham woke up and turned on their televisions to find out if any arrests had been made over night.  They had learned the night before of a press conference scheduled for 10 am.  As the city tuned in to watch the press conference, they couldn't help but to get an uneasy felling like they were about to get some bad news.....

Just as the press conference was starting, the image on the screens switched to a ringing noise with the image 


After a few brief moments of ringing, a voice came on while the picture remained steady, ""Hello Gotham, I see the, uh, Bat...Man is still walking your streets.  Well it's, uh, time to introduce a little anarchy into our lives.  A bomb will explode inside a house in 2 minutes.  The, uh, Bat.....Man tomorrow or else chaos and anarchy will rule the day once again."

A countdown started on the screen. 1:59, 1:58, 1:57....

Meanwhile the citizens were shocked and terrified for what might happen when the  countdown reached zero.  A mother watching the coverage dropped her coffee cup and ran upstairs to her kids bedroom, where they slept off on summer break.  She frantically woke them up as the countdown on the television continued, 1:02, 1:01, 1:00.  

With two sleepy kids in tow, she ran into the nursery and grabbed her newborn, she just had a gut feeling that she needed to get out of her house and fast.  

She yelled to her kids, "I love you!!" as they began heading back down the stairs, the countdown still trudging forward, 15, 14, 13. She burst through her front door and ran to the street, out of breath and exhausted.  She looked around to regain her composure, but as she did she noticed one of her children was missing.  Looking back at the house she cried for her child as she saw him sitting on the stairs that they had just ran down.  She reached out to him as the countdown ended, 2, 1, 0......

The explosion ripped through Gotham, making the message clear.  The mother ran back to her house crying, terrified, and in shock.  

She grabbed her precious boy and ran back outside, watching the flames growing from the ruins of their neighbors house. 



As the third night of the mob mayhem continued, a quiet man sat in his penthouse apartment, plotting the next big take-over for his bank.  He had no idea what was brewing outside on the streets of Gotham.  The mob by sheer happenstance ended up outside of his apartment building.  Someone shouted to the mob that they had had heard that the man living in the penthouse was now working for The Joker  The tinderbox was lit and the mob stormed the apartment building and began moving their way to the penthouse, where the man was working into the wee hours of the night.  The man was oblivious to the intruders storming up the stairs.  The mob reached the penthouse and one of them took their axe and repeatedly swung it at the door.  

Inside the man heard the axe strikes and went to his bedroom safe to grab the gun that lay underneath a bunch of paper.  He grabbed the gun and loaded it, just as the mob burst through the opening torn into the apartment door. 

The man spoke as the mob rounded the back hallway to his bedroom, "Leave now and I'll give you everything I have.  It doesn't have to be this way.  Let's just come to an understanding, just turn around and walk away."

The man at the front of the mob yelled, "We are ending this right here, right now! There will be no sunrise for you." With that the man pulled the pin on a grenade and tossed it into the bedroom.  

The explosion ended the man's reign of terror in Gotham.

@teude is dead, he was LauMafia aligned



(Play while reading for added effect)



The city of Gotham went to sleep still fearing what may happen in their dreams.  The sun rose the next morning bringing calm to the city as the snow storm had finally broke.  The air was still and silent, yet as they left for work the tension was still there.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the city, the entire police force had descended upon the shipyard.  It was a sight to behold, container after container lay stacked on top of each other to form a makeshift castle in the middle of the shipyard.  Only one way end, down a long corridor lined by shipping containers stacked three high. The layout of the containers created a killing field for anyone that tried to storm the castle. 

The shipyard was deserted, with the exception of the entirety of the police force that was still arriving to collect evidence and try to figure out what had taken place there the night before.  A man's body swayed back and forth with each gust of wind, he was swinging from the container that rested at the end of the killing corridor.  A woman was on her back crying above the swinging body.  

The woman atop the shipping container was all alone, shedding tears for the man tied up and dangling before everyone.  She was inconsolable, she stood up and as she did she grabbed the gun that lay next to her.  She started pacing around on top of the container tapping the butt of the gun to the top of her head as she was muttering to herself, "No, no, this can't be happening.  I can't do this alone."  

Police swarmed around the woman from all sides.  She continued pacing around and talking to herself.  Finally she stopped and faced the police below her, the gun was now at her side with her hand twitching the gun back and forth ever so slightly.  

"I'm coming pudding!" she suddenly screamed with a smile on her face as she pointed the gun at the police.  Bullets fired from all around her as she fell next to her love. 

@Darth Pees is dead, he was The Joker - Mafia aligned

@HorizontoZenith is dead, he was Harley Quinn (Not playing in the game) 



A day after the most ruthless and notorious criminal to walk the streets of Gotham was found dead, the city had a spring in its step once again.  While everyone was drinking their morning coffee and watching the news, their televisions switched once again to The Joker.

"Hello Gotham, I'm back.  Well, uh, not really.  You see, I, uh, made certain arrangements that were to be carried out if anything were to happen to me.  This will be my grandest, uh, most explosive achievement to date. Who will help the true hero's of Gotham now. Ha ha ha!" 

The image cutoff of The Joker and went straight to news coverage of threats sent in to the news station. They described bombs placed all throughout the city in hospitals, fire stations, police stations, and schools.

Meanwhile Dr. Caitlin Taylor had worked through the night at one of the hospitals in a desperate attempt to find a cure for the mutated airborne ebola virus that was unleashed on the city.  Shortly after The Joker's final message to the city, Caitlin succeeded in her mission and fell asleep at her desk.


A large explosion jolted Caitlin awake.  Disoriented and confused Caitlin jumped up and ran for the door, as she was about to leave and run to safety she turned and ran back to her desk.  She grabbed the inhaler off of her desk that contained the cure to the mutated airborne ebola virus.  She took three deep breaths of the inhaler and moved to the door to run for her life.  As she ran down the hallway explosions were following her.  One explosion after another sounded as she ran to the exit.  

Caitlin burst through the exit at the end of the hallway she was running down and kept on running until she made it to the treeline surrounding the hospital.  She turned to see what was happening and saw the devastation.  The entire hospital had just been leveled.  

As the police and rescuers combed through what was left of the hospital one of the officers came across a man's body.  He was tied up and had exit wounds in his back.  The man looked oddly familiar to the officer and as he searched the body he realized why.  There was a half melted badge on his jacket pocket, all that could be made out was "cia."

@gopherwrestler is dead, he was Mayor Anthony Garcia - Civ aligned



A man was sitting at his desk in the depths of Wayne Enterprises.  He was developing another fancy gadget to help Batman fight the evil that walked the streets of Gotham. While working into the night, the man happened to glance up at one of his security camera feeds.  He remained locked on the screen with a puzzled look etched on his face.  The mob was attempting to tear down the doors to Wayne Enterprises, soon they would find him and all of his fancy new gadgets and weapons.  

The man said aloud, "Well Amy, this doesn't look good does it."  A woman's voice responded through a computer, "I'm afraid it does not." 

The man walked over to his desk and opened up a drawer.  He reached inside and grabbed a bottle of scotch and opened it.  He took a number of long drinks from the bottle before laughing.  "Run operation code We are Batman." 

"Are you sure," The voice fired back.  "Run it" he shot back at her.  He slumped down on the floor, with the bottle still in his hand almost half drunk now.  A defeated look over took his face as the voice bellowed out, "Self destruction sequence initiated, two minutes unti......"  He had heard enough and unplugged the computer.

Slumped over with a bottle of scotch still in his hand, he began to sob while singing.

"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch,"  His voice started to become broken as he continued, tears flowing from his eyes,   "Like me.  I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see.  Was blind but now I see...."

He looked up one last time and with love said, "We are Batman!" as an explosion ripped through the building. 

@MD4L is dead, he was Lucius Fox - Civ aligned



A man stood at the edge of the river fishing early in the morning, just as the sun was peaking over the horizon.  The man caught something on his line and began reeling it in.  Whatever it was that the man had caught was very heavy and proved to be an impossible task to bring in.  

The man pulled and pulled at his line for 20 minutes without making even a slight bit of progress.  Tiring and frustrated the man threw his rod to the ground and jumped in the water and followed the line to its end.  

Feeling in the water with his hands he searched for what he could have caught.  He was startled when he felt a body on the floor of the river, where his line was snagged.  He turned to run back to the shore and call the police.  As he turned he noticed a shiny object laying on the bank of the river.  He picked it up and examined it.  The object was a police badge with the badge number 13721.

@squire12 is dead, he was Deputy Police Commission Peter Foley - Civ aligned 


The mob made their way through the streets killing and destroying anything and everything that they thought brought about the reign of terror now seen in Gotham or kept it in place.  The mob came to an old, rundown home, it was Granny Anna Belle's house.  

The mob looked through the windows of the house, trying to see if they could discern whether or not Granny Anna Belle was with them or against them. One of the mob members shouted, "Hey look, she has pictures framed of both Bruce Wayne and the Joker on her wall."  

Confused looks immediately formed on the faces of many of the people in the mob.  They had no idea what to make of this, until a man spoke up, "Many years ago, I heard a rumor that Granny Anna Belle worked at the Saint Swithin's Orphanage.  It was said that she loved two of the orphans more than any of the others that went through there."

"Let's burn it down," came cries from the mob, as torches started flying at the house.  Some of the mob members tried to calm everyone down so they could wrap their heads around what they just heard, but it was too late.  The house went up quickly and as the mob turned to move on they heard, "They are freedom," coming from the flame filled house.

@domepatrol91 is dead, he was Granny Anna Belle - Civ aligned

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--The day phase will last roughly 2 days and night will be called at a designated time on the second day if a majority has not been reached.  Day 1 may last slightly longer. All deadlines will be posted but may vary at the discretion of the host. Voting during the Day Phase will end once we get to a majority decision.  If a majority has not been reached by the time the deadline for the end of the day arrives, plurality will govern the lynch.  

--In order to vote for someone to get lynched during the day, you must bold their name

--The night phase will last exactly 24 hours unless Pickle Rick @Famous Jameis receives every PM. That means if you have a Night Ability, you have 24 hours to send in your PMs unless otherwise noted. Should you not want to use your night ability, send a pm saying so.  Night will end when the last person with a move sends it in. 


---You may talk during night but votes will not count until the day phase starts


--If you do not meet your post count or vote for 2 days (full day periods) at anytime during the game you will be modkilled

--If you miss a night PM, and are the last person to send in a pm the following night, you will lose your power for that night phase as we will end the phase there!

--No editing or deleting your posts in the game thread. Double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, etc. posting is fine.

--I reserve the right to mod kill anyone breaking any rules or behaving in a manner I deem inappropriate.

--NO DEAD POSTING! Once you're dead, you're out of the Game Thread. Simple. You will be allowed one good game, **** you guys, etc post. I also don’t mind idle chat during night phases or a joke post. However must you post when you're dead please keep it non game related

--NO POSTING SCREENSHOTS OR DIRECTLY QUOTING FROM ROLE PMs. No posting fake role PMs either. Failure to do so will result in being Mod killed. You may type out night action pm’s if it so suits you

--Do not post information regarding your PM from the Night prior to the Write-up being posted

--If your PM says not to say something, don’t. There will be no second chances and you will be modkilled.

--If there is a tie when Night Time starts, there will be a 10 minute overtime.
Ties are a null result. Everyone will have 10 minutes to change their vote one time, if they wish.
A tie after overtime will result in tie breaking procedures.


--Most importantly…HAVE FUN!

Edited by Famous Jameis

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Posted (edited)


1. @LetTheBallFly  LetTheBallFly (Killed N1) Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow Other aligned

2. @james.mcmurry13  james.mcmurry13 (Lynched N1) Harvey Dent/Two-Face Mafia aligned

3. @bcb1213  bcb1213

4. @gopherwrestler  gopherwrestler (Killed N4) Mayor Anthony Garcia - Civ aligned

5. @OleXmad  OleXmad (Killed N6) Jason Taylor - Civ aligned 

6. @jfinley88 / @MathMan  Jfin/Malf (Lynched D8) Riley NovaCiv aligned 

7. @squire12  squire12 (Killed N5) Deputy Police Commissioner Peter Foley - Civ aligned

8. @domepatrol91  domepatrol91 (Lynched D6) Granny Anna Belle - Civ aligned

9. @Darth Pees  Darth Pees (Killed N3) The Joker - Mafia aligned

10. @Whicker  Whicker (Lynched N2) Selina/Catwoman - Civ aligned

11. @theuntouchable  Touch

12. @teude  teude (Lynched N3) Lau - Mafia aligned

13. @bucsfan333 bucs (Killed N2) Laden Chen - Civ aligned 

14. @MookieMonster  Mookie (Lynched D7) Officer Blake/Robin - Civ aligned 

15. @mission27  Mission (Lynched N4) Deputy Bryson Levitt - Civ aligned

16. @kingseanjohn  ksj  (Killed D2) Rachel Dawes - Civ aligned 

17. @Tk3  tk3 - @Slappy Mc - slappy

18. @MD4L  md4l (Lynched N5) Lucius Fox - Civ aligned

19. @Ragnarok  Rags (Killed N8) Bruce Wayne/Batman - Civ aligned 

20. @Woz  Woz (Killed N7) Commissioner Gordon - Civ aligned 

I have the game setup for 20 right now but I can adjust it if more people want in. 


@11sanchez11, @49ers4life52@amac, @bcb1213, @beezee, @biggio7, @Blahman88, @BrettFavre004, @BrotherlyLove, @bucsfan333, @CAS22, @coltsmanic808, @CWood21, @daboyle250, @Danger, @Darth Pees, @devils1854, @EliteTexan80, @El ramster, @flyers0909, @fretgod99, @FriendlyEnemy, @Gambit Jango, @gopherwrestler, @Gmen4ev, @Heimdallr, @HighHopes, @Hockey5djh, @HokieHigh@husker_vikes3, @incognito_man, @iPwn, @Its A Sabotage, @james.mcmurry13, @JammerHammer21, @jetsfan4life51, @jfinley88, @Jlash, @JMG, @jrry32, @Karmaloop, @khodder, @kingseanjohn, @LetTheBallFly, @LETSGOBROWNIES, @LionsFTW, @LuckyNumber11, @MathMan, @Matts4313, @MD4L, @Mich_fan20, @MightyMouse07, @mission27, @MookieMonster, @ninerfanwheelz, @Officer Ricky, @OleXmad, @Pats#1, @PatriotsWin!, @perikirest, @Phire, @PuntMyLumps, @rabbisson, @Ragnarok, @RandyMossIsBoss, @ravens_rool28, @Raves, @ravishingone, @Rearviewmirror, @RuskieTitan, @S-jax39, @samgurl775, @skatebeanz, @skrILL, @SirA1 @SoS, @stallyns, @Stoop Trash, @sunnygsm, @swoosh, @texans_uk, @Texas_OutLaw7, @TedLavie, @The LBC, @thelawoffices, @theuntouchable, @Tk3, @twslhs20, @Tyty, @Ua, @UofMfan909, @utley4568, @Victor Cruz Pun, @Vindicatedxx, @VYoung10, @Whicker, @Woz, @Famous Jameis, @pheltzbahr, @Jlash, @PR, @DingoLadd, @SkunkApes, @PARROTHEAD, @pollino14, @Pastor Dillon, @bigbadbuff23835, @buddy_z34, @iknowcool, @buno67, @The Gnat, @1BackInBlackFan, @Texansfan713, @Ketchup, @BleedTheClock, @Troy Brown, @KManX89, @DawgX, @titans0021, @teude, @squire12, @HorizontoZenith, @domepatrol91, @Slappy Mc,

Edited by Famous Jameis

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Posted (edited)

Vote Counts

Day 1

1. LetTheBallFly - MD4L (29), gopher (36)

2. james.mcmurry13 - James (36)

3. bcb1213 - Darth (16), bucs  (41), Darth (46), Xmad (46), Darth (46)

4. gopherwrestler - LTBF (27), MalFin (38)

5. OleXmad - Whicker (43)

6. MalFin - Whicker (17), touch (23), md4l (26), Whicker (28), touch (28), Dome (30), James (32) bucs  (38), MalFin (39), James (39), MalFin (39), James (40), LTBF (40), James (43)

7. squire12 - md4l (24)

8. domepatrol91 - James (23)

9. Darth Pees - MD4L (29), James (38)

10. Whicker - bcb (16), teude (18), Woz (18), teude (19), James (34), LTBF (42), Darth (43), James (44)

11. Touch - Dome (28), James (36), Rags (38)

12. teude - Whicker (18), touch (27)

13. bucs - Woz (18), touch (27), Whicker (27), LTBF (29), James (33)

14. Mookie - malf, woz (28)

15. Mission - Whicker (22)

16. ksj - Whicker (17), Woz (30), Whicker (40)

17. tk3 - Whicker (22)

18. md4l - touch (26), James (33)

19. Rags - teude (41), LTBF (42), James (46)

20. Woz - squire (18), ksj (28)

8 James - dome, Bucs, MD4L, James, Darth, MalFin, Whicker, Rags

4 Whicker - tk3, mission, ksj, OleXmad

1 Woz - Mookie

1 md4l - squire

1 Touch - teude

1 ksj - Woz

1 gopher - LTBF

1 MalFin - gopher

1 Rags - Touch

1 Darth - bcb


Day 2 

3. bcb1213 - tk3 (64)
4. gopherwrestler - bucs (60), ksj (66), bcb (94)
5. OleXmad - Rags (59), ksj (66), Whicker (83)
6. MalFin - Rags (58), Whicker (60), Rags (62), ksj (74), dome (74), Whicker (78), Rags (88), bcb (88), gopher (90), squire (91), Rags (92), Whicker (92), bcb (94), Whicker (99)
7. squire12 - ksj (67)
8. domepatrol91 - ksj (66), Rags (68), ksj (69), Xmad  (71), Whicker (78)
9. Darth Pees - Rags (58), Whicker (94)
10. Whicker - Xmad (58), KSJ (62), Xmad (88), Rags (96)
11. Touch - Whicker  (59), Rags (67), gopher (68) ksj (70)
12. teude - Rags (62)
13. bucs - Xmad (60), Rags (64), squire (91), Rags (98), Whicker (98)
14. Mookie - Rags (92), Whicker (94)
15. Mission - ksj (74), Whicker (79)
16. ksj - Rags (66)
17. slappy -

18. md4l - ksj (65), Whicker (98)
19. Rags - ksj (66), Whicker (80)
20. Woz - ksj (64)

KSJ - woz, squire, touch - need to revoke


9 Whicker - dome, mission, Rags, Xmad, Mookie, Darth, MD4L, bucs, MalFin

2 Rags - Teude, Whicker,

1 bcb - gopher

1 slappy - bcb


Day 3

3. bcb1213 - slappy (145), gopher (158)
4. gopherwrestler - Xmad (112), md4l (149), touch (150), teude  (160)
5. OleXmad - mission (108), Rags (112), Squire (123), teude  (154)
6. MalFin - squire (112), Rags (114), squire (115), Rags (116), Slappy (117), gopher (128), slappy (131), gopher (132), slappy (132), gopher (137), MD4L (141), gopher (145), no vote (148), teude (152)
7. squire12 - mission (111), Rags (116), no vote (123), gopher (148)
8. domepatrol91 - Rags (115), no vote (123), MD4L (143), teude (147), gopher (147), teude (153)
9. Darth Pees - slappy (118), gopher (137), no vote (137), MD4L (141), gopher (148)
11. Touch - gopher (108), MalFin (131), gopher (134), md4l (137), teude (154)
12. teude - gopher  (128)
14. Mookie - mission (109), Rags (120), gopher (129), MalFin (131), teude (136), gopher (137), teude (155)

15. Mission - MalFin (148)
17. slappy - Xmad (115), slappy (118), Xmad (145)

18. md4l - rags (108), Darth (122)
19. Rags - teude (152)
20. Woz - mission (108), no vote (113), gopher (135), teude (136), gopher (137), teude (159)


8 teude - Rags, MalFin, Dome, Xmad, touch, mookie, Woz, gopher

4 gopher - teude, squire, darth, bcb

1 Xmad - slappy

1 Darth - MD4L

1 MalFin - mission


Day 4

3. bcb1213 - slappy (167), dome (196)
4. gopherwrestler - Xmad (203), mission (204)
5. OleXmad - MD4L (181), no vote (203)
6. MalFin - mookie (178), Xmad (189), no vote (191), dome (192), no vote (195), mookie (196), no vote (201), mission (201)
7. squire12 - dome (192)
8. domepatrol91 - Xmad (189)
11. Touch - Xmad (178), mission (204)
14. Mookie - squire (179), mookie (181), squire (182), mookie (185), dome (192), MalFin (196), woz (197), mission (204)

15. Mission -
17. slappy - Xmad (187), mission (202)

18. md4l - dome (168), squire (182), mission (204)
19. Rags - mission (203)
20. Woz -


7 mission - MalFin, slappy, Rags, touch, mookie, gopher, MD4L

2 Xmad - dome

2 dome - squire, bcb


Day 5

3. bcb1213 -

5. OleXmad -
6. MalFin - MD4L (227)
7. squire12 - MD4L (223)
8. domepatrol91 - MD4L (223), no vote (223)
11. Touch - MD4L (215)
14. Mookie - MD4L (216)
17. slappy - dome (218), MD4L (227)

18. md4l - dome (215)
19. Rags -
20. Woz - MD4L (214)


6 MD4L - Woz, touch, mookie, squire, MalFin, slappy

2 dome - MD4L, slappy



Edited by Famous Jameis

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I’m gunna sit this one out, but if you need a sub, hit me up.

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9 minutes ago, Slappy Mc said:

I’m gunna sit this one out, but if you need a sub, hit me up.

We need a sub. Yer in

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I will have to sit this one out as to not humiliate myself by an edit death.

After Big Brother, I may play another.

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7 minutes ago, MathMan said:

I will have to sit this one out as to not humiliate myself by an edit death.

After Big Brother, I may play another.

i cant do this **** w/o you homie 

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