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BAL loses 2 OTA practices, Harbaugh and owner fined for OTA rules violation

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2 hours ago, wackywabbit said:

Bruh, stop atting me with this paraphrasing accusation. Everyone can read your full phrasing. It's not any better. 


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17 hours ago, DoleINGout said:


21 hours ago, diamondbull424 said:

You’re dodging the question. Who on the carryover OL squad from Billick was on the Super Bowl OL squad besides Yanda?

The comments I originally made were referring to the offensive line being present from Billick's regime well into Harbaugh's including the Super Bowl. The fact that only Yanda started in the Super Bowl is ignoring the discussion had about the amount of influence there was leading up to Harbaugh's Super Bowl run.


You’re still dodging the question. Who besides Yanda was a Billick starter in 2011?

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