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2 hours ago, SpacemanSpiff said:

Name: Alex

Age: 30

City: Go Gata / Long Beach, CA

How many years have you been a fan?: Since 2003

Favorite Titans: McNair, Bironas, Finnegan, Kearse, Wycheck, George, Henry, Byard

Favorite genre of music: Anything with notes

Favorite Movies: Forrest Gump, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Gravity, Pulp Fiction, The Big Lebowski

Happiest Titan Moment: Marcus Mariota catching his own touchdown pass in the playoffs 

Intended Career/Career: Was gonna be a professional musician, but that would like -- require venues to be open.

Random facts: Used to post here back when Vince Young was a thing. Bored in quarantine, off social media, love talking football. Let's do that! 

Hey now, this is the introduction thread.  Save this crap for the reintroduction thread.

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since reintros seem to be in vogue here... :D

Name: -Hope-

Age: 26

City: Ann Arbor, MI

How many years have you been a fan?: 15 or 16? since around late mcnair era, 2004ish onwards. 

Favorite Titans: good memories of the stars from the 07-08 squads. keith bulluck, big al, finnegan. plenty of love for CJ2K, obviously steve and eddie, and then the new crop of studs like king henry and AJB

Favorite genre of music: too hard to pick just one, but i listen to a lot of emo revival, folk/alt-country, jazz, and hip hop.

Favorite Movies: hot rod, star wars original trilogy, and get out come to mind immediately

Happiest Titan Moment: maybe a little recency bias but the ravens game is extra special to me because prior to last year, 2008 was really the only year i've seen the titans be a really good team and of course we all know how that ended, so i'd been holding that grudge for awhile lol.

Intended Career/Career: doing a master's degree in environmental studies and about to sign my life away to academia and start applying to phds....wheeee

Random facts: i've taken up clawhammer banjo in the last couple of years and am having a blast with it!

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