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Steelers VS Giants Preseason Week 1

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To comment on Moats performance and piggyback off of Tomlin's comments, he did what he should be doing. However, he didn't look amazing doing it. He looked ok off the edge, but Wheeler is very suspect in pass pro and of course a rookie. He did show good use of hands and bend but it's hard to imagine it being anywhere as near effective against starting caliber tackles, without a true lack of burst. Biggest concern is, he really isn't that fast and he isn't that strong either. Moats is a nice/fun guy and has a definite future in media somewhere if he chooses, (just keep upbeat and smiling), but we are definitely mediocre when he is in there. If he showed that performance vs starters I might be inclined to change my opinion, but haven't seen it yet. 

Id much rather fight for DHB earning a spot. Dude blocks his *** off and is a core special teamer, not to mention he is still one of the fastest players on the team. 

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