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Duke Johnson - Contract Extension

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2 hours ago, candyman93 said:

Jarvis Landry is the best WR Tyrod has ever played with.


Josh Gordon is the best WR Tyrod has ever played with.


He has both.

Tyrod is the best QB Josh ever played with (probably was RGIII)

Tyrod may be the best QB Landry ever played with, really too close to call between Taylor and Tannehill right now.

Hopefully Mayfield ends up being the best QB either ever play with. Taylor certainly can't blame lack of playmakers if he doesn't do well, assuming the playmakers stay on the field. Gordon and Landry have already proven they can be great without a great QB. It seems extremely unlikely and most would say it would be a bad idea but I still feel like our opening day starting QB could be Mayfield. I'm of the belief that most elite prospect rookie QBs are ready come week one and if they are, the best experience is game time experience so I personally wouldn't be against it if he is looks better than Taylor going into the season.

There should be no excuses if our offense doesn't do well besides LT and that is what we have Landry and Duke for. If we get good protection Gordon and Coleman should have an easy time with chunk yardage. Gonna be an interesting season no matter how it goes.

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