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FF Survivor: Tribe Names, Immunity Challenge, Hidden Idol Clue all on page 174.

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Survivor: Six Islands

Game Mechanics:

1. Jeff is gonna make mistakes.  Try to overcome them. 


Survivor is similar to Big Brother, but it has several significant differences.  

Reward (If Applicable).  Immunity.  Tribal Council.  Vote.  Redemption Island.  Repeat.

In the game of Survivor, all players are separated into TRIBES.  As soon as tribes are decided, you CANNOT COMMUNICATE WITH ANYONE ON A DIFFERENT TRIBE. 

The game is played in cycles.  Each cycle, there will be one or two challenges.  The first challenge will be a REWARD challenge (if applicable).

REWARD challenges
Reward challenges will give a slight (but potentially crucial) advantage to the winning tribes in the upcoming IMMUNITY challenge.  

IMMUNITY challenges
The immunity challenge will determine which tribes are safe from TRIBAL COUNCIL.  For deadline rules and consequences, see below.

The tribe that takes last place in the the Immunity challenge will have to appear in Tribal Council.  Tribal Council will take place in the game thread.  At the end of Tribal Council, the tribe will VOTE.

Each member of the last place tribe must vote to eliminate one player from the game.   For deadline rules and consequences, see below.  The player who receives the most votes goes straight to REDEMPTION ISLAND.  

Redemption Island
Redemption Island is a player’s last chance.  The player voted out goes here, where he will fight the next player voted out to hang on for a chance to come back into the game.  Once two players are on Redemption Island, they will compete in a challenge.  At a predetermined point in the game, Tribes will merge.  This could be as soon as the second weak, it could be as late as the Jury portion of the game.

The Jury Portion
Once there are 9 players left in the game, the Jury Portion of the game officially begins.  The jury will be the 7 players voted out of the Final Nine, and they will vote between two finalists to crown a WINNER of Survivor.

The Winner of Survivor is the player who receives the most votes to win the game.  What do they win?  Eternal glory.

Hidden Immunity Idols
Hidden immunity idols are individual immunity idols.  They are hidden on the islands.  There will be a mixture of ways to finding the idols, and they will be in a mixture of “locations."  There will be one Hidden Idol per Tribe Name, and only one Hidden Idol per tribe name.  Hidden Idols MUST be presented BEFORE I read the votes.  They last up until the final 5. 

Every Tribe gets one Hidden Immunity Idol and only one Hidden Immunity Idol.  There are currently four active Hidden Immunity Idols.  They may have been found, or they may yet to be found. 

In Survivor, DR sessions are called Confessionals.  Remember to send Jeff your Confessionals from time to time.  I’m sure Julie can attest that it’s much more fun for the host when the host knows what the players are thinking.  Also, it’s fun to reflect on strategies and opinions, back stabbings and more at the end of the game.  Last year I got less than a dozen confessionals.  I chose not to replay them because the game got to be not so fun.  That was mostly my fault, but this year I will be replaying the Confessionals, so keep them coming.


Funky Bunch:
TyTy, Bucsfan, Whicker, Shady, Ted, Mathman, Utley, Hockey

Misanthropic Minotaurs:
FJ, Flux, jfin, Mission, Dwight, Nazgul, Touch, Ragnarok

HTC (Tree Crew)
ET, Swoosh, Gopher, Sanchez, Dome, Mookie, LTBF, BCB

Eliminated Players:


Redemption Island Player:

Remaining Players:
1. Mission
2. Shady
3. ET
4. Dwight
5. Swoosh
6. Mookie
7. Jfin
8. Mathman
9. Utley
10. Touch
11. Flux
12. Hockey
13. Whicker
14. Ragnarok
15. Gopher
16. BCB
17. TedLavie
18. Dome
19. LTBF
20. FJ
21. TyTy
22. Nazgul
23. Bucs


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Survivor 1 - MookieMonster won, and that’s the only thing you need to know about it.  Nothing else happened all game.  I was an exemplary host without any mistakes.  ;)

1. NO COMMUNICATING with players who are not on your tribe UNLESS you are on Redemption Island, or you are communicating with someone on Redemption Island or unless I say it is okay.
2. NO working together in challenges at any point in the game unless I state that it is okay to do so.  
3. Every missed Vote/Immunity Idol deadline results in one penalty vote and losing an hour to submit the next vote/challenge. 
4. It is a good idea to start a new conversation for every PM you send.  At the very least, make sure I’m in the conversation.  I cannot be responsible for not receiving important PMs if you do not properly send me the PM.  If it is a Confessional, I will store it in a file on my computer.  If it’s a vote, I will store it elsewhere, etc.  I cannot be held responsible for votes or questions I don’t receive.  
5. Sometimes tribes are uneven and players have to sit out to match up the tribes.  When you sit out, I will tag you.  You CANNOT help your tribe in ANY WAY when you are sitting out.
6. If you are afraid you might not complete a mandatory reward challenge submission, Immunity challenge submission or vote, you can avoid penalty by PMing to me that you will not be able to submit.  You may also at any time provide a big board for votes.  If you PM me a big board, I will only use the big board for your vote if you are the last person to vote.  Otherwise, you will have the opportunity to choose your own vote.  



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The Challenges in Bold will have a time element to them. 

Challenges in RED have been completed.
Challenges in GREEN are ACTIVE.

Challenge List:

1. First Word (Reward, Page 15-25)
Sensual Centaurs took first place with 31 points.  Pickle Tickle took second with 30 points.  Reigning Champions took third with 29 points.  Tribe Smug did not place with a score of 24. 

2. Running Blind (Immunity, Page 25)
Sensual Centaurs, Reigning Champion Island and Pickle Tickle seemed to handle this one easily.  Tribe Smug got a little too smug and failed horrifically in all aspects of the challenge and were sent off to Tribal Council, where they voted out ______?

3. What Time Is It? (Immunity Page 55)
Sensual Centaurs and Tribe Smug worked together in the competition while the rest of the tribes complained about them working together instead of... Working together.  It was down to Pickle Tickle Tribe and Reigning Champion Island, but Sira decided to not go for the idol, a move that proved costly. 

4. Just Figure It Out (Luxury/Reward Page 81)
Mathman, TyTy, Mookie and Ted won luxuries in the final movie challenge of Survivor.  Mathman picked Bonus.  TyTy picked Minus.  Mookie picked Clue.  Ted picked Tribal Unity.   

5. Locks and Keys (Immunity (Page 88)
Sensual Centaurs soared through the challenge, hardly breaking a sweat.  They were playing like an ant colony or something.  Reigning Champion's Island took second place, only just breaking a sweat.  Tribe Smug got a little cute with the challenge, and Mookie really struggled with his keychain, but they managed to float on by.  Pickle Tickle Tribe had a single good performance out of TyTy, but the rest of the tribe stunk.  Gmen couldn't even complete the challenge due to injury, and he is in danger of being replaced.  Nazgul let his nerves get the best of him as he fumbled all the way to the end of his keychain, and it was just a comedy of errors. 

6. Left, Center, Right (Reward)
Tribe Smug won the challenge!  They win a minimal bonus in the upcoming Immunity Idol. 

7. Survivor Hoops (Immunity)
Tribe Smug beat Pickle Tickle Tribe TWICE due to production mistakes.  Sensual Centaurs defeated RCI.  It came down to Pickle Tickle Tribe and RCI.  Pickle Tickle Tribe displayed the better offense and balance and came out on top.  RCI will now go to their second Tribal Council, where they will be forced to send one of their own to Redemption Island. 

8. Survivor Roulette (Reward)
Tribe Smug had the best luck with Roulette, hitting not one, but TWO numbers at 35/1 odds.  Pickle Tickle Tribe took second with a couple odd/evens. 

9. Survivor Scramble (Immunity)
In the most gruelingest challenge thus far, Tribe Smug didn't even get started.  RCI and Pickle Tickle worked hard and sweat and bled and shed tears working on the most grueling puzzle in Survivor history.  While they struggled, Sanchez climbed a tree to get a coconut to drink, fell off the tree, twisted his ankle and decided to just give up.  Sensual Centaurs didn't even offer him a helping hand, and thus lost the Immunity Challenge. 

Pair Up
Without knowing what they were doing, castaways paired up.  Who they paired with was guaranteed to be on their new tribe.  We went from four tribes to three tribes. 

10. Survivor Delicacies (Immunity)
On page 174, castaways were given a list of ten food options.  They had to select which of the foods they would RATHER eat.  Everybody has to submit.

11. From First to Last (Reward)
12. Survivor Dice (Immunity)
13. Survivor Tiles (Reward)
14. The AMAZEing Race (Immunity)
15. First Word Take Two (Reward)
16. Buried Treasure (Immunity)
17. Paint the Tribes Red (Immunity)
18. Hide and Seek (Immunity)
19. Kicking and Screaming (Immunity)
20. Survivor Football (Immunity)
21. Swimming With Sharks (Immunity)
22. Platform Peril (Immunity)
23. Survivor Tag (Immunity)
24. Boulder Dash (Immunity)
25. Ex Nihilo (Immunity)
26. Decisions, Decisions (Immunity)
27. Recall (Immunity)
28. Survivor Auction (Live Reward)
29. Writes of Passage (Immunity)
30. Loved Ones Challenge (Reward)
31. Fragile Tile (Immunity)
32. Majority Play (Immunity)
33. Yellow Mellow, Red Dead (Immunity)
34. Questions (Immunity)
35. Answers (Immunity)
36. Confidential Title (Immunity)
37. Confidential Title (Immunity)


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Posted (edited)


1-9 = Sign-Ups
10-15 = Race to Your Boats
13 = Mandatory Questionnaire
15-25 = First Word Reward Challenge
25 - 52 = Running Blind Immunity Challenge
52 - 54 = First Tribal Council (Tribe Smug)
54-55 = First vote.  Cwood voted out. 
55 - 74 = Immunity Challenge What Time Is It?
75 - 86  = Second Tribal Council (Reigning Champion's Island)
81 - = Reward Challenge Just Figure it Out
86 - 87 - Second Vote (Sira voted out)
86-87 - First Redemption Island Challenge (Sira eliminates Cwood)
88 - 108 - Immunity Challenge Locks and Keys
108 - 109 - Immunity Challenge Results
109 - Tribal Council (Pickle Tickles)
122-137 - Immunity Challenge Survivor Hoops
136 - Tribal Council (RCI)
137 - Reward Challenge Survivor Roulette
144 - 156 Survivor Scramble
156 - Tribal Council (Sensual Centaurs)
159 - Vote

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Just now, pollino14 said:

Sorry, never have played a game like this before.

I never played a game like Big Brother last year and I made it to the final three.  If you're not up for it that's fine, but if I struggle to get to 28 players, I'm gonna start pestering you to sign up since you posted in the thread.

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Special forewarning.  I'm gonna be pretty MIA the week of the fourth 

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Just now, bcb1213 said:

Special forewarning.  I'm gonna be pretty MIA the week of the fourth 

Noted, and thanks for the heads up. 

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Y’all ready for some sinewy leathered women? Best part of Survivor IYAM

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