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DT Irving suspended first 4 games (again)

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19 hours ago, Nextyearfordaboyz said:

I agree that it's likely that Irving has 12 games (not including playoffs) left in his Cowboy career. And I think he'll have more sacks in 12 games than Gregory would have in 16.

But can we rely on Gregory to play for 32 or 48? 

I don't think he'll get suspended for pot again, knock on wood. I think the bigger question is if his frame can hold up as more than a situational player. His rookie year was pretty well ruined by a high ankle sprain.

OTOH I would pump the brakes on Irving giving us nearly a sack per game production in '18 as he did '17. That sort of thing from a DT, much less one coming off suspension, just doesn't happen very often, and I question Irving's current mindset as a professional athlete compared to Gregory's.

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