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How Can The Redskins' Deep Passing Game Improve In 2018?

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2 hours ago, oldman9er said:

Not so sure that this is THE burning factor. To me, and it may be obvious, but I'd say it's mainly about the OL. Trenches, baby. 

If the run game is a threat (OL), and the QB is comfortable eschewing the shorter routes to wait on the deeper routes (OL), then go with that high to low mentality. 

If the run game is lousy (OL), and not keeping any offensive balance (OL).... if the QB is getting hit often (OL), he will go with more of the short passes and hope for YAC. 

I mostly agree with that but there are also cases where the running back is slow to the hole that is open or misses the hole. Then, there are also cases where the QB can’t see the field so the rush gets to him or the WRs can’t get open, which is almost never in Jay’s passing scheme, and then the Qb gets sacked.

As when talking about the running game, it’s nevee just 1 thing every single play, all game long. It’s a collection of issues.

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