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The (Potential) 2020 Draft RB Class

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20 hours ago, Jeezla said:

Have to admit I'm disappointed Holyfield looks better than Swift for UGA so far. No sleight to Holyfield, who is a good or even very good prospect himself, but I thought Swift was going to be a super stud this year.

Looking like Jonathan Taylor is the creme of this RB crop through 3 weeks, but you do wonder what he'd look like running behind FSU's OL instead of Wisconsins OL, which is probably better than 5+ NFL OL's.

I also think we have to wait til next year to really see what Najee Harris has. He looks good when he gets opportunities but with D. Harris and Jacobs to also feed he just doesn't get a lot of touches.

Right now I think I rank them

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Yeah Sanders is looking pretty good. Not Barkley, but a pretty good RB in his own right. 

I don't think he'll enter the draft this year at this point, but who knows depending on how the year shakes out.

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