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2018 Expansion Draft - Ravens

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Imagine a new team is being ushered into the league. Every team has to pick 5 players from its roster. Designated players will be pooled (32 teams, 5 players each for a total of 160 players) and be made available to the new team via the Expansion Draft. From the total pool (and current list of Free Agents), the new franchise will pick (or “draft”) a full 53-player roster for the 2018-19 season.

Typically, teams offer up players they’re actively looking to get rid of (declining performance, age, salary). 


Designation Rules:

No kickers and punters.

No players set to become free agents.

No players who just spent an entire year on injured reserve.

Only one player with 10 or more years of experience.


That being said... What 5 players would you offer up for the 2018-19 season? Why? 

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1. Tony Jefferson: We might have overpayed, and in his 1 season with us, he didn't have the impact we had hoped for. Getting rid of the contract is one thing, the other is we have players like Chuck Clark, Anthony Levine and DeShon Elliot as potentiel heirs to the position.

2. Kamalei Correa: He just never found his place with us, and now he is burried on the depth chart at outside linebacker

3. Buck Allen: For all he does for us, just as all round and most likely easy replaceable is he

4. Robert Griffin Jr.: We have a starter and the potentiel heir to the QB throne. No room for RGIII

5. Maxx Williams: Suffered a bad knee injury and have never been the same since. Might be fighting his way back, but still don't seem to be able to be the player he was projected to be. Now he might be the 4th tight end on the roster, possibly the 5th if Darren Waller gets back.

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When you say "no players set to become free agents," does that mean at the end of this upcoming season?  I am going to make my list assuming players entering the final year of their contract for this season (i.e. Perriman) are excluded.  Side note, @Danand, I think that would negate Griffin and Williams, unless I am mistaking my interpretation of the designation rules.

1. Tony Jefferson - I like him, but he's underperformed his deal thus far (interested to see him this season, though) and the flexibility it would give us moving forward were we to shed his deal would be nice.

2. Kamalei Correa - Doesn't really have a position for us and our roster is looking quite deep.

3. Bronson Kaufusi - Largely same reasons as Correa.  We are loaded at DL.  I think we trade one of them, but in this hypothetical scenario, it's somewhere we could stand to lose a guy (also one with some cap proration from his Day 2 SB).

4. Jermaine Eluemunor - OL is another deep position.  I like the potential of Eluemunor, but he would be the odd man out in this scenario with Senat staying on the roster due to his athleticism and LT potential.  Might be headed to the practice squad anyway.

5. Brandon Carr - This was the toughest one.  Assuming health, this is another very deep position for us.  In some ways, his low guarantees actually makes his contract an asset to us as its essentially a series of one-year options (more so than other players).  Further, his relatively moderate salary would make him fit easily into another team's cap should they want a veteran to replace an injured player.  That said, for the sake of this exercise, he would be added to the list.  Would probably be a good starter for the expansion franchise.

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I might have misunderstood which players not to included then.

Kaufusi would then replace Griffin and Adebeoyjo replace Williams. Kaufusi for the same reason as sp6488 mentioned, and Adeboyjo because he is the farthest away from making the wide receiver roster with the new guys added and Tim White in front of him due to special teams.

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