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One Punch Man

2018 Expansion Draft - Bucs

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Imagine a new team is being ushered into the league. Every team has to pick 5 players from its roster. Designated players will be pooled (32 teams, 5 players each for a total of 160 players) and be made available to the new team via the Expansion Draft. From the total pool (and current list of Free Agents), the new franchise will pick (or “draft”) a full 53-player roster for the 2018-19 season.

Typically, teams offer up players they’re actively looking to get rid of (declining performance, age, salary). 


Designation Rules:

No kickers and punters.

No players set to become free agents.

No players who just spent an entire year on injured reserve.

Only one player with 10 or more years of experience.


That being said... What 5 players would you offer up for the 2018-19 season? Why? 

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WR DeSean Jackson - We're crowded at WR and cap space is a little tight. 

RT Demar Dotson - He's one of the best. But he's struggled to play all 16 games the last few years. We've got a bunch of young guys ready to take over.

SS Chris Conte - Everyone's favorite guy to hate. He can be someone else's problem.

LB Devante Bond - He kinda sucks. But the potential is there. LB is one of our deepest positions.

DT Mitch Unrein - We just signed him. But he's like our third/fourth guy.

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