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Titans Pick'Em Competition Question

Titans Only or Full Pick'Em League?  

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  1. 1. Titans Only or Full Pick'Em League?

    • Titans Only
    • Full Pick'Em League

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Last season I held a pick'em competition for this forum with a gift card prize for whoever won it(which ended up being @Titans fan 617), and it went relatively well, albeit towards the end the participation dropped off some as the top couple guys pulled away from the pack.

So this year going to increase the prize pool(last year sent the winner a $50 amazon gift card), and give 1st place a $75 gift card, 2nd a $50, and 3rd a $25, just to try and keep it a little more active through the season. The question I have though is do you guys want it kept as just picking the Titans game from week to week or switch to a full pick'em league(would probably run it on like espn or yahoo just for ease of keeping track)?

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Thanks again for that card that still was very nice of you.

I liked just picking the Titans games since it’s who we root for but I’m open to anything 

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