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Referee Gene Steratore retires

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On 6/25/2018 at 10:26 AM, big_palooka said:

Careful what you wish for. No evidence the guys coming in are going to be any better 

Oh, I totally agree with that statement.

McAulay ticked me off on SO many occasions - choosing ALWAYS to officiate to the letter of the law when it hurt the Browns, as opposed to using an official's discretion. He was so arrogant about the whole Bottlegate incident - never in a million years would he admit that he had gone outside the rules he cherished so much and allowed the replay challenge AFTER the next play had been run. So we were made to pay for years and years for calling him on the carpet and exposing his arrogance. What a tool.

Tripplette was hated by more than a few NFL teams. What a buffoon.

Bottom line - I will take my chances with the guys coming in.

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I thought his work in SBL2 determining the Clement TD catch and the Ertz game winning TD catch was the finest example of unbiased and honest refereeing this world has ever seen.

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