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Preseason Week 1: Red & Gold Awards


Preseason Week One - Red & Gold Awards  

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  1. 1. Who takes home the Gold Award (Best player)?

    • Aaron Lynch
    • C.J. Beathard
    • Kendrick Bourne
    • Solomon Thomas
    • Joe Williams
  2. 2. Who takes home the Red Award (Worst player)?

    • Rashard Robinson
    • Brian Hoyer
    • The entire offensive line
    • The starting defensive line (Buckner/Armstead/Carradine/Mitchell)

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Trying something new and unbelievably corny for this year - the Red and Gold awards. Simple task - which player was the player of the week (Gold) and which player angered you the most (Red). Red and Gold Awards. Here are the contenders...hard to do for preseason, but what the heck: 


Rashard Robinson
Brian Hoyer
The Offensive Line (as a whole)
The first string Defensive Line (Buckner/Armstead/Carradine/Mitchell)


Aaron Lynch
CJ Beathard
Kendrick Bourne
Solomon Thomas
Joe Williams

Comments below!

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Lynch for the best player with Thomas as a close second. 

Robinson as the worse player. Rebounded well late, but that whiffed tackle was too bad to overlook. Okay, you get beat by Hill that is one thing. But to make that terrible of an attempt on 3rs down? That's a big no no. 

Our OL really got no push in the run game until the Chiefs started playing their 3rd string defense. 

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Hoyer and d-line not even in contention for me.  COmes down to Robinson vs o-line.  Who cares?  They were both bad.  At least we only need one out of 5 guys to improve for the o-line to get better. With Robinson, he either plays better or we're in deep doo doo.  Toss up for Gold.  I give the  nod to THomas simply because you never know what you get with a rookie and he looked like a future pro bowler to me.  Was very happy to see what Lynch did out there.  We are in desperate need of pass rushers.  WIth our d-backs any QB, even and ordinary one, will eat us alive if we can't get to the QB quickly and often.

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Hoyer did look a little shaky out there, hesitating on those timing, slant throws but he did have a couple nice throws as well. Robinson also was beat pretty bad a couple of times but he is a young CB in his second year who has a lot on his plate right now covering other teams 1's so I full expect there to be some growing pains. The OL looked terrible though, on both running plays Hyde was met in the backfield by defenders and Hoyer was pressured on every throw. With no real depth to speak of there aren't many options for us to turn to improve that situation.

Best player for me has to be Lynch as he looked pretty dominant out there. Granted it was against the Chiefs twos and threes but that's what starters are supposed to do so I'm glad he showed well.

A sleeper top performer for me was Breida. From being the second RB in to running well between the tackles, showing good vision and quickness as well as power breaking multiple arm tackles. He also looked good catching the ball which is something he didn't do much in college, adjusted really well to poor pass out in the flat. Now he did fumble and get stuffed at the goal line once or twice, but on the fumble I think he was met by three Chiefs right after he got the handoff and actually broke a tackle and was trying so hard to make something happen he got a little careless covering up the ball. When he got his goal line carries he actually looked good but again was met in the backfield often by defenders, although I do think he got one in but it was called back due to penalties.

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