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Redskins’ Leading Pass Catchers since 1992

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Not really a surprise when loooking at the list, but is sad that because we didn’t have a consistently good QB from 1993-2014 that players like Moss and Cooley didn’t have more yards than they did.

  1. Santana Moss (2005-2014) 7,867
  2. Chris Cooley (2004-2012) 4,711
  3. Pierre Garçon (2012-2016) 4,549
  4. Michael Westbrook (1995-2001) 4,280
  5. Henry Ellard (1994-1998) 3,930

A couple of surprises to me here. I knew that Moss would be on top, but I didn’t realize that he was on top by that much, over 3,000 yards ahead of Cooley. He was very productive for a very long time. 

I also was surprised to see Westbrook, who has a reputation for being a bust after they made him the fourth overall pick in the 1995 draft, in the top five. Injuries hampered his career and he certainly didn’t live up to expectations but maybe he’s more of a disappointment than an outright bust.

The leader in yards per reception (minimum 100) is DeSean Jackson (19.0). In receptions and touchdowns the leader is Moss with 581 catches and 47 TDs.


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