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Everyone nominate a player who you think could not only potentially secure a roster spot, but maybe even contribute during the season.

My pick is Skyler Phillips, G, Idaho State.  

Phillips was a five year starter and is a mauler.  He is a really good run blocker and could possibly fit into an NFL team's rotation in that capacity.  He seemed to be a pretty good player in college and I believe he will find a place in the NFL.  Some knocks against him is that he isn't as strong in pass protection and he played at the FCS level in college.  He can play multiple positions on the offensive line and is a smart player.  It will be really tough to fight for a roster spot, but I think he has a chance to stick.

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On 7/14/2018 at 12:25 AM, animaltested said:

Poona Ford DT is a good one.

Seattle is pretty thin at true DT [4] so Poo will have alot opportunities in the Pre-season to make some noise. 


Still sticking with my hottake of Delano Hill being the starting SS at some point in the season. 

I agree.  Ford is a really good choice.  As far as Hill goes, that doesn't seem all that far fetched.  He has a shot to eventually beat out McDougald and Alexander, seeing as both of those players aren't really all that great.  I'm personally rooting for Hill and hope that he can earn that starting job.

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