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MemberOff 2018 (we are now the final!! FINAL RESULT ON P88!! congrats to our golden member)

Shady Slim

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firstly, this is what we're calling it. no exceptions.

this is an idea that i've shamelessly stolen from another forum but given it a better name, and it's just a good bit of fun. it's basically the footballsfuture poster of the year award, but we can just call it the Golden Member for short

what happens is we nominate a very large pool of potential candidates then whittle them down by voting in rounds: here's how it will go

everyone posting has the right to either five nominations or seconds. so that can be five nominations, or it can be one nomination four seconds, etc. a poster must be nominated then seconded to get in to the pool. once they are in the pool, they do not need to be nominated again, and so use your five noms elsewhere. you can not second your own nominations. after nominations are all dried up (there's going to be a lot dw), we whittle the candidates down in group rounds until we have sixteen left, and that's when the head-to-heads start... from sixteen to eight to four to two to one!!

to nominate a poster just post "i nominate..." and all the posters you nominate

to second a nomination quote the nomination and say "i second..." and all the posters you second

it'll become a bit clearer and i'll update this post with further rules once the nominations are in but for now get nominating!!

as host i will not nominate or vote but i am in play to break ties if needed

again try to nominate on the past year, obvs popularity is gonna play a role but yeah

please note if you are uncomfortable or offended with your name on the ballot, we are all friends here and we're sorry if anyone gets offended or something, so you can feel free to opt out of your name being on the ballot if you wish! don't want the contest to be shut :)!

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reserved for the contestants lists 

to eliminate some bureaucracy the top five posters going on likes count on the past year automatically qualify

  2. @ET80
  3. @jrry32
  4. @Forge
  5. @bucsfan333
  6. @Nazgul
  7. @ramssuperbowl99
  8. @Dome
  9. @MWil23
  10. @Whicker
  11. @theuntouchable
  12. @Tyty
  13. @Malfatron
  14. @Outpost31
  15. @FinneasGage
  16. @Ragnarok
  17. @mission27
  18. @TLO
  19. @pwny
  20. @JBURGE
  21. @MKnight82
  22. @bkobow05
  23. @Calvert28
  24. @Shady Slim
  25. @Darth Pees
  26. @Hockey5djh
  27. @utley4568
  28. @Dwight_Schrute
  29. @MrDrew
  30. @El ramster
  31. @Jeezy Fanatic
  32. @Woz
  33. @Jakuvious
  34. @KhanYouDigIt
  35. @.Buzz
  36. @The Orca
  37. @fretgod99
  38. @gopherwrestler
  39. @RuskieTitan
  40. @Pickle Rick
  41. @Venom Sife
  42. @vike daddy
  43. @Silver&Black88
  44. @TheVillain112
  45. @REDandPEWTER
  46. @Adrenaline_Flux
  47. @MookieMonstah
  48. @James
  49. @J-ALL-DAY
  50. @IrishGreen
  51. @D82
  52. @swoosh
  53. @champ11
  54. @jasonwbantle
  55. @OleXmad
  56. @JaguarCrazy2832
  57. @CalhounLambeau
  58. @Tugboat
  59. @TedLavie
  60. @Dallas94Ware
  61. @Acgott
  62. @CaribouLou
  63. @Bonanza23
  64. @Heimdallr

round two

  1. @Dome
  2. @Hockey5djh
  3. @gopherwrestler
  4. @The Orca
  5. @jrry32
  6. @ramssuperbowl99
  7. @vike daddy
  8. @CaribouLou
  9. @Adrenaline_Flux
  10. @RuskieTitan
  11. @pwny
  13. @Dwight_Schrute
  14. @MookieMonstah
  15. @MrDrew
  16. @El ramster
  17. @bucsfan333
  18. @Shady Slim
  19. @ET80
  20. @JBURGE
  21. @Malfatron
  22. @Nazgul
  23. @Woz
  24. @mission27
  25. @Pickle Rick
  26. @Outpost31
  27. @fretgod99
  28. @Utley
  29. @FinneasGage
  30. @theuntouchable
  31. @Whicker
  32. @Tyty

sweet sixteen

  1. @Whicker
  2. @FinneasGage
  3. @bucsfan333
  4. @Dome
  5. @Malfatron
  7. @ET80
  8. @Pickle Rick
  9. @theuntouchable
  10. @Nazgul
  11. @RuskieTitan
  12. @Hockey5djh
  13. @Dwight_Schrute
  14. @Shady Slim
  15. @Adrenaline_Flux
  16. @The Orca

elite eight

  1. @The Orca
  2. @FinneasGage
  3. @Pickle Rick
  4. @theuntouchable
  5. @Shady Slim
  6. @ET80
  7. @Adrenaline_Flux
  8. @bucsfan333

final four

  1. @bucsfan333
  2. @Pickle Rick
  3. @theuntouchable
  4. @ET80

the final

  1. @Pickle Rick
  2. @theuntouchable
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