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Potential Josh Gordon issue? *Will he report by Aug. 7th???*

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1 hour ago, mistakey said:

"Your takes are bad

, and you should feel bad."

 - Dr. Zoidberg, M.D.

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4 hours ago, mistakey said:

Your takes are bad

"I can't give you his whole life story when you're not even guaranteeing me the cover [of Sports Illustrated]," Baskin quotes Johnson saying. "Because, first off, we are not getting paid for this."


thats a direct quote from Michael Johnson his business manager. He wouldn’t allow Gordon to give an true interview becuase they weren’t getting paid and not getting the cover. Now imagine his thought on Gordon potentially telling his story on camera. 

His manager was apart of that huge scandal with UNC a few years ago and is on probation for that. 

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Read this on another forum. Obviously its some guy on the internet claiming to have a source so take it with a grain of salt


- Josh did NOT test positive, miss a test, get in trouble, or anything 
- BUT, there were some people who were starting to come back into his life (not by his choice) that raised some red flags ... and while it was very minor, there was a noticeable slip in his routines at the facility, in his behavior, etc. 
- So, his counselor advised the Browns to IMMEDIATELY get him back for a "refresher" and to get refocused before the season begins. 
- Josh was 100% supportive and open to the step back, which was a really good sign (in general, he's been WAY different than ever before ... focused, mature, open, etc) 
- It has nothing to do with Hard Knocks, although after the decision was made a lot of people thought "hey, that's a good idea anyways!" 
- His prediction: Josh will come back even STRONGER and in an even better place (his counselor says when you "catch" people before a possible relapse, that's the best chance for lasting results) 
- His prediction: expect him back before the season begins


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