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Training Camp 2018

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7 hours ago, raidr4life said:

Nope! They wanted him and said he was the best LT in the draft, coach him up and hopefully he can get it done.

Idk dude, I dont trust him. If Key is whooping him and thats just practice then.....

6 hours ago, raidr4life said:

I must admit your avatar is just perfect!

I said the same thing lmao

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11 hours ago, MrOaktown_56 said:

He could be the best left tackle in the last two drafts and still not be better than Penn. If you're not trolling, this is honestly one of the worst suggestions I've ever heard of on this forum.

 Penn is just a journey man who had two good years at the end of his career.

Miller is just incredibly athletic, give him some time and he’ll be a top LT in the NFL

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