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One week of preseason in, what would be YOUR depth chart?


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So, we finally got to see some football against another team. I think we'll leave how they looked for the other thread. However, did it change your thoughts about anyone? What's your depth chart?

QB: Cousins || McCoy, Sudfeld
The only reason that McCoy still makes my roster is because of his experience. He's actually faced live pass rushes from NFL starting caliber players, something Nate Sudfeld has not. However, if he puts up another stinker like that, he's going to be looking for another job, experience be damned.

LT: Williams || Nsekhe
Nothing new here. Our All-Pro and #1 swing tackle.

LG: Lauvao || Kalis
I have seen nothing from Kouandjio since we've drafted him to make me think we should keep him. On top of that, a UDFA rookie took his spot in this game. It's too bad that we are going to have to roll with Lauvao for the season. Could have/should have drafted a guard.

C: Long
*shrugs* I don't think Rouiller make the squad because teams don't usually carry two centers. Like I told @Jlash in the other thread, I didn't see anything from Rouiller that jumped out at me either way. I suspect he'll be kept around on the practice squad, barring injury.

RG: Scherff || Catalina
Like Kalis, I'm slotting Catalina here solely because he took over when the starters went out. Both he and Kalis are essentially fungible JAGs at the moment. We really do not have any depth on the inside of the line. If we lose any of our mainline starters, we're screwed. Yes, you will always expect a fall off in performance if you go from a starter and a backup, but I don't really see how we can move guys around. Maybe kick Nsekhe inside?

RT: Moses || Painter
The bookends are easier to project, though.

WR: Pryor, Doctson(?), Crowder || B. Quick, Harris, Grant ..... just outside: Davis
I put Davis on the list if Doctson is out. I'm really hoping that he can move up, but he wasn't given many chances to shine due to the lackluster QB play.

RB: Kelley, || Thompson, Perine
Perine did little to distinguish himself in a positive way (the fumble didn't help his case). Brown looked good ... against 3rd and 4th team players. Brown's suspension means they can carry him for four weeks if they want without counting against the 53 limit or putting him on the practice squad. Since he doesn't have enough accrued experience, his salary would not be guaranteed at the start of the season.

TE: Reed(PUP), Davis || Paul ..... getting on due to Reed on PUP: Sprinkle
Honestly, I think they push Sprinkle through just to get one of the later round picks onto the roster. Not sure there is much difference between him and Carrier except age (negative for Carrier) and experience (positive for Carrier). Those come with time, not skill or preparation, so they kind of wash out.


DL: Allen, Taylor, McGee || Hood, McClain, Lanier
While Hood started this game, I think we all agree it is likely a matter of time before Allen gets the start. Taylor has looked way better than I expected. McGee has value as both an end and a tackle.

OLB: Kerrigan, Smith || Gallette, Anderson
With Murphy's torn ACL, the outside linebacker situation becomes a lot clearer. Trail and Carter are just playing out the string (and maybe hoping that one of the above also goes down).

ILB: Brown, Foster || Compton, Spaight | Marley
Compton may have the on-field coaching ability to get guys to line up properly, but he just doesn't have the physical tools to be a starter. Unlike most of the other positions, this one has some interesting back end guys in Harvey-Clemons and Marley. This now becomes the position group to watch for camp battles. Marley gets the nod simply for getting the game ball in Game one, but I wouldn't count JHC out (something that surprises the heck out of me).

CB: Norman, Breeland, Fuller, Dunbar, Moreau | Holsey
Moreau gets the nod over Holsey simply because of draft status. Still, by my count, I have room for Holsey as well.

S: Swearinger, Cravens(?), Blackmon, Everett, Smithson
Blackmon looked lost out there at safety, but with the injury to Cravens, I think they keep Blackmon.


SPEC: Sundberg, Way, Hopkins
No shocks here. Not sure about the return situation. Matt Hazel was utterly replaceable as a kickoff return man. Don't recall who our punt returners were.

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1 hour ago, Jlash said:

Roullier can play G and C though. Played 3 years of guard very well at Wyoming before switching as a senior.

And that might be what gets him on the roster. I couldn't give a very good eval of the line because they all sort of stunk up the joint last night.

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I don't think my prediction has changed based upon one preseason game. I still think we carry 4 TEs w/ Paul & Sprinkle making it.

Mack Brown has looked good in practice for 3 years and looked good against the Bears last year, I think he's a dark horse to make the team but likely won't make it in the end. You could be right woz about them not cutting him because he's suspended and waiting until after week 4. So he can be put on the practice squad again because he has no accrued seasons? If so, that's good. I hope at the least they put him there. 

I still have Kouandjio making it over Kalis & Catalina until I see more from them.

I also have Ioannidis making it as a 7th DL, especially now that Murphy is lost for the season because I've always seen Murphy as an OLB who they could slide inside to play DE on passing downs. Now that he's gone for the year almost definitely we'll see Lanier & Allen more in that role but Ioannidis will make it for depth.

I think Hall gets the nod over Blackmon and Nicholson makes it over Smithson with Smithson going to the practice squad along with guys like Holsey, JHC, Marley, Kalis & Catalina.

Since Pro Football Focus named Nico Marley to their All-Week 1 Preseason Team that means he's going to be a starter right? Lol ? jk

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