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2018 Packer Forum Dynasty League (Keepers/Discussion)


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Welcome back to YEAR 6 of the PACKER FORUM DYNASTY LEAGUE.


2013 Champion: JBurge

2014 Champion: Kal-El

2015 Champion: Kal-El

2016 Champion: JBurge 

2017 Champion: Charisma


Draft Details


2018 Draft and ALL future drafts will be each round worst to first (like the NFL)

Keepers (10 of them) must be set by Thursday August 2nd at 9PM Central Time (Please do so on both FleaFlicker AND here in the 2018 discussion thread). 


Draft will start Saturday August 4th at 9AM CST. 

Round 1: 4 Hour Time Slots 

Round 2: 3 Hour Time Slots 

Round 3-10: 2 Hour Time Slots


I'm in the process of creating a backup Google Sheet like we have used during previous drafts, but I ask that all picks are submitted in the DRAFT THREAD that I will create a few days before the draft starts.  


Draft Day Trades: 

Bieker1 trades 1.06 + 2019 2nd (own)


CombOver trades 1.04 


AJDodge09 trades 2.06 + 2019 5th 


ChuckNorris101 trades 2.12 + 2019 3rd


Cadmus trades 2.11 + '2019 5th (own)


PandaSquadAlpha trades 2.08 


Cadmus trades  4.07 + '19 4th 


PandaSquadAlpha trades 3.08


AJDodge trades 2019 6th 


DannyB trades 7.07

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Keepers for “Brady’s Mouthpiece”


QB Tom Brady

QB Ben Roethlisberger

RB Todd Gurley

RB Jordan Howard

RB Marshawn Lynch

RB Duke Johnson

RB James White

RB Wayne Gallman

WR Jarvis Landry

WR Larry Fitzgerald


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9 minutes ago, Bieker1 said:

How do we do trades with our 2018 picks? All I see are our 2019 picks on Fleaflicker...


You trade them in here. So PM a player on here or e-mail them and then when you agree to a trade...

One owner posts the trade the other owner posts quotes the post and says they accept. 

We typically don't have enough time for a 24 hour review. 

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