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Julio Jones to skip start of Training Camp

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29 minutes ago, Nabbs4u said:

While true they can afford to pay players like Landry and others (deserving market value) because they're not wasting $100M on the QB position. It's why the Mayfield pick has to work out.

You build around Rookie contracts. If the Mayfield's, Garrett's, Wards, Peppers work out those are the building blocks you have on the cheap. By the time they get paid players getting top $ now, get cut, restructured, move on.

Although it looks right now that Jarvis is overpaid, the ever growing cap will make that contract look minimal in 3 years when WR's are making 20+. Unfortunately it's coming. I'm good with them overpaying to "acquire" talent. Otherwise no one would sign in Cleveland.

Browns future is trending Up! Assuming 1/2 or god forbid all 4 listed above aren't busts.

I've heard this before... virtually every offseason in the last decade. I'll remain skeptical until I see it, lol.

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