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Training Camp Thread

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56 minutes ago, germ-x said:

I don’t know why people are looking at the Broncos QB position as if there is no chance at a future.

As a couple of posts have mentioned they liked the idea of bringing in a veteran (Keenum/McCown) and drafting Rosen behind them.

It’s not like this still can’t be done, Keenum is signed for 2 years.  Obviously the QB can’t be Rosen and while the 2019 class lacks QBs at the top of the draft it looks to be loaded from the mid 1st round to the 3rd round.  Drew Lock, Justin Herbert, Ryan Finley, Will Grier, Jarrett Stidham, Clayton Thorson, Shea Patterson, and Nate Stanley all fit in that range currently.  All of those guys (except for maybe Grier) are physically more talented than a guy like Mason Rudolph who went in the 3rd round in 2018 and is pegged as the future for the Steelers.

This is assuming the Kelly doesn't keep progressing.  

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15 minutes ago, bMiller031 said:

Brandon Marshall is down to 225 lbs. Yikes. 

Wonder how that will help him against the run.

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