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Camp updates?

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Does anyone know of a website where I can get Buffalo Bills updates?  Besides this site of course which I will be checking daily my favorite site Billsdaily closed and TwoBillsdrive usually has Buffalo news articles which our blocked.  Thanks for responding

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So, my $0.02...though I didn't see the whole feed, so maybe just a penny's worth:

QB's: When Josh was on, he looked very good. Unfortunately, he missed and missed BIG when he wasn't on, which was most of the throws I saw. AJ looked the most consistent and it wasn't even close. Peterman fell in between the other two.

RB's: Shady looks like he has not lost a step at all and was tearing it up! Gawd, I hope he can stay healthy. Taiwan Jones showed good hands. Marcus Murphy made some good reads and showed really good burst...looked like that burst might even transfer to a little power.

TE's: Only noticed 2 things...Daboll had Clay line up outside and hand Towbridge both made nice catches.

Lastly, Edmunds stands noticeably taller than most on the field. Dude is huge!

[EDIT] - I saw more of it than I thought, so this is worth $0.02 again! Also, I liked how they were calling penalties. Don't want to see another year of sloppy play.

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