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Preseason GDT signup


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I figured I’d start a sign up thread for those who want to create gameday threads for the preseason.

Ill create one for the regular season when preseason is coming to an end.


Preseason schedule:

08/02 7:00 pm. @Ravens  @Sugashane

08/09 6:00 pm. @Bengals

08/18 8:05 pm. @Broncos

08/25 12:00 pm. Vs. Chiefs  @Sugashane

08/30. 7:00 pm.  Vs.  Bills


Sign up for which one you want below and I’ll update the OP.

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U damn monkeys haven’t made a gdt thread yet today. So this game is just gonna be exclusively backups still right? I’m gonna get direct tv streaming or whatever soon but gonna wait til it’s actually worth my time. 

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