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4 Fantasy Football Questions: Please Help

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Hello Titania!

I am going forum to forum to ask 3 questions and also looking for any information/insight you have to offer about your beloved team and will have each thread linked in the fantasy football forum as a way for everyone to help everyone(ET already cleared me doing this)

1.  The biggest fantasy football question for the Titans is how the RB workload will be divided, so what is your take? Is Derrick Henry going to be the workhorse he was in the playoffs or will Dion Lewis take away a solid 30-40% of the touches? 

2. Corey Davis is very talented, was held back by injury last year, and is in line to be the #1 WR in Tennessee. If he is healthy is 1000 yards out of the question? What do you expect from him this year?

3. Marcus Mariota suffered from injury last year and played through it with mixed results. Now that he is healthy and has quite a few weapons, what kind of numbers do you expect him to put up?

4. Who are the over/underrated fantasy players you would like to call out and what do you expect of them statistically?

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I want to say 60-40... but I believe both will be on the field as well,  with Lewis lining up on the slot from time to time. They may end up with similar total tests, but Henry will have the edge in rushing yards and total TDs.

Barring injury, I wouldn't be surprised with a 1400 yard season from Davis. Not only does he have the talent, or do I expect a big bounce back from Mariota in LaFleurs offense... but outside of Matthew's and Walker, there's not a lot of mouths to feed in this passing offense. 

I expect Mariota to have his best statistical season yet... 4000 total yards and 30 total tds. It sounds lofty, but 2 years ago he got 3800/28 and even during last year's weird season. He hit 3500/18. Anything short of 4k/30 would be sa disappointment to be honest. 

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