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Brown = $17M (good)

Evans = $16.5M (meh)

Hopkins = $16.2 (good)

Cooks = 16.2M (overpaid)

Watkins = $16M (good)

Landry = 15.1M (overpaid)

Green = $15M (great)

Adams = $14.5M (ok)

Jones = $14.25M (great)

Thomas = $14M (good)

Robinson = $14M (meh)

Hilton = $13M (ok)

Jeffery = $13M (great, & recent)

*(roughly factoring contract value, gaureentee, when signed and player talent)


My preference was around that $13M deal that Alshon Jeffery received



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Love this deal.  15M was what was being tossed around a lot and it sounds like its going to be around that 14M mark.  I honestly believe with another good season his value on the open market would have reached 17M(+)  This also allows us the franchise tag to use on Barr if a deal can't be reached.  Im just very excited to know Diggs is locked up long term.

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They were never getting Diggs for less than $14M per year long term. He’d be getting $16M+ in March as a UFA, or the tag for even more than that. 

Have to put those contracts in terms of the cap environment in which they were signed. Green and Jones for instance signed long enough ago that their deals were for a higher percentage of the cap than Adams or Landry got. So the WR deals aren’t so much (great) or (bad) as (old) and (new). 

I wrote a fanpost at DN this spring projecting he’d get $15.2M: https://www.dailynorseman.com/2018/5/31/17412434/projecting-stefon-diggs-second-contract . That’s got the comparables in terms of per game stats and the math for cap percentages.

Didn’t think he’d take less than Adams ($14.5M), but maybe they gave him better guarantees. 

This is great news. He’s going to be a superstar.

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If they great him lower then Adams $14.5M, sure its a good contract, compared to recent comparable, because I have Diggs over Adams in terms of skill level.
Cooks & Landry were definite overpayments by the respective teams, as those 2 players had more bargaining power then Diggs did (right now).


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