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4 Fantasy Football Questions: Please Help

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Hello Charger Fans,

I am going forum to forum to ask 3 questions and also looking for any information/insight you have to offer about your beloved team and will have each thread linked in the fantasy football forum as a way for everyone to help everyone(ET already cleared me doing this)

1. Keenan Allen is always perceived on the outside of the Top-5 for WRs but that is in part to his injuries and his TD production. With Henry out, will we finally see Allen get 9+ TDs and his usual Top-5ish fantasy production?

2. Melvin Gordon gets alot of touches as a dual-threat but he isn't particularly efficient(maybe because of the OL?) is there any reason to expect him not to get 340 touches again and if so, you think he can get his ypc up above 4.2?

3. Mike Williams and Tyrell Williams are both very capable #2s. Who is the better fantasy WR to have this year and what kind of #s do you expect from both?

4. Who are the over/underrated fantasy players you would like to call out and what do you expect of them statistically?

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1. Maybe. Keenan did lead the league in red zone targets for a wideout last season, but he still only had six touchdowns. But Mike Williams is back and healthy and we know Rivers has fetish for bigger WR, so I wouldn't be surprised to see KA's red zone targets go down. I do expect his yards to go up (if he remains healthy). 

2. Doubtful. Gordon just isn't all that good. I expect his volume to go down since it seems like Lynn realized MGIII limitations. 

3. Mike Williams IMO. The Chargers took him with the 7th overall pick, they are going to give him every opportunity to become the second receiver. I really wouldn't be surprised if Williams has 8-10 touchdowns this year. If healthy, he is going to replace Gates as Phil's go-to-guy in the red zone.

4. I guess Rivers. He is always a backend QB1, that can be had in the later rounds or sometimes goes undrafted. 

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1. I have KA right in that AJ Green range as far as WR1's go.  AB/Julio/Hopkins/OBJ/Michael Thomas are all clearly above him, and then I have Keenan, Green, and Davante Adams in a cluster that largely is dependent on league format (Standard scoring, I favor Davante and Green over Keenan because I am expecting some red zone target regression from Keenan; any kind of PPR format I'm valuing Keenan over the other two, likely going Green then Adams following him).  I really like Keenan's value in PPR leagues this year because we're already seeing Mike Williams getting those deep-routes (and making good on several of them) that were going to Travis Benjamin last season, which leaves them more opportunities (particularly with Henry's injury) to line Allen up in the slot where he has a way easier time getting separation with his superb route-running.  Keenan gives you really solid floor and week-to-week contributions which is really valuable to get as a return from a 2nd or 3rd round pick (depending on how many teams are in your league).

2.  Again, this is format dependent for me.  In PPR or 1/2-pt PPR leagues, Gordon is one of only a handful of true 3-down backs in the league right now and while he's lackluster as a finisher and in grinding out yards after contact, he's going to get touches (I really don't see them going down that much - the coaches like Ekeler but they don't appear to view him as more than a gimmick player and spell), plus Gordon's in a contract year so they're going to want to see him take (he won't, but they'll want to see it) that Gurley step-up if they're going to give him the money he's going to ask for (and I hope for the Chargers' sake that they don't).  In PPR leagues, I've got him in that tier right after the Top 3 "ultra-elite" guys.  I'd probably take Zeke before him because Zeke is more dynamic though I do worry that Zeke could get gamescripted out of touches.  But I have him right in there with Fournette (who pure player to pure player, I'd take Fournette for the volume alone, but there is some injury concern with him) and Saquon who both have knocks of their own (the aforementioned injury concerns for Fournette and the lack of week-to-week consistency that can tend to come from rookies for Barkley).  In standard leagues, I lean Fournette over Gordon and I've been growing more and more fond of Dalvin Cook over him too, just because I can see going right back to where he started before the injury and doing a decent amount with what should be more checkdown throws from Cousins - who isn't the gunslinger Keenum was and DeFilippo likes to work those underneath areas.

3.  In standard leagues especially, Mike Williams is a great late round flier.  I wouldn't want to necessarily start him week to week, but I won't be surprised if he puts up similar numbers to Cooper Kupp from last season, if not a tick higher in the TD department.  The team specifically drafted him to improve their red-zone efficiency so he's likely to be Rivers' new back-of-the-end-zone jump-ball target.  The same goes for Rivers who you can include in #4, people evidently weren't paying attention at the offensive scoring number the Chargers were putting up last season.  Averaged just under 8 YPA and over 280 yards/gm.  Finished Top 5 in passing TD's and has (barring the Henry injury) the most continuity: Goff has seen Watkins swapped out for Cooks and seen his 2017 QB coach take the OC job in Tennesee; Ben has a new OC to contend with along with Mike Tomlin's malaise game-scripting.  I have Ben and Rivers both clumped together (maybe a slight edge to Rivers over Ben given Ben has had his issues with home and road splits in the past), which is just above Stafford (I don't hate Stafford, he's wonderfully consistent, but I'd rather have Ben or Rivers who I feel are more capable of putting a fantasy team on their shoulders in a given week whereas I've rarely seen that from Stafford) and above the often-drafted-ahead-of-them Cousins and Jimmy G.  I'm also the type that ends to wait on drafting his QB so you'll often find one of those two on my fantasy rosters.

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