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Patriots sign Eric Decker to one-year deal

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2 hours ago, frenchie said:

He's always been an outside receiver as far as I know...

He played just under or just over half of his snaps from the slot in 2017, depending on which source you’re using. The only reason the number wasn’t higher was because Corey Davis missed a lot of time. Mularkey even said Decker was the starting slot receiver.

His last relatively healthy season (2015)? 68% from the slot.

As he got older and sustained even more injuries, he’s gotten slower and his versatility as an X or a Z has waned. It’s sort of the reason he was brought in right after Jordan Matthews, another inside receiver, went down. He’s primarily a slot guy. 

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10 hours ago, frenchie said:

Decker is 31; same age as Brandon LaFell...

Pats aren't going to pay Dez what he wants, and I'm sure he's looking for a payday...

Decker is easily a better player than Mitchell, McCarron, LaFell, and I've never even heard of Cobi Hamilton..  Not sure why anyone would want any of these guys over Eric Decker.

Depends what the payday is for Dez Bryant. If he is looking for about ... $10 million per season then I think that's justified given his career thus far and immense athletic traits. I don't expect Bryant to get signed by the Patriots but the two sides would certainly help each other out. Decker however, in part because of his familiarity with Josh McDaniels and the AFC East, is a good signing and likely to be a better fit than Bryant. I mentioned LaFell because he was cut after the Decker signing and did very well with Tom Brady in particular when be was with the Patriots. Cobi Hamilton's name came up only because he was in for a visit the day after Decker signed as well.

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15 hours ago, frenchie said:

That separation nonsense was used to excuse Mariota's incompetence...

As bad as Mariota was last season, I'd be inclined to give Decker a pass.  And honestly, he still managed to have a decent season; 500+ yards receiving...

Can't Decker still be a person that struggles getting separation regardless of how inconsistent Mariota is as a passer?

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I expect him to not only start, but have a much better season than last year. If it were any other team signing him I wouldn't be so sure, but Belichick has a way of getting the most out of his players.

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