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Hawks' Offensive Line

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I've never figured out why we try to keep our OL so versatile. Sure, it's nice to have guys that can play Tackle and slide into Guard due to injuries.

However, it's the ol' Jack of all trades but master of none. Btw, I just broke my arm patting myself on my back. It looks like Ifedi is the turd that

I said he'd be. While my 3rd rd guy, LaRaven Clark will be starting at RT for Indy and really came on at the end of the 2016 season. How is that

possible? A lawn jockey like myself knows more than Cable and the boys? 

Find a lineup and let's stick with it. Hopefully, we'll see our OL improve during pre-season. It's the only unit we need to see improvement to reach our

goal of winning the Super Bowl. I'm jacked for 2017. 

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The FO has invested so many picks lately into the OL in the last three drafts (8),  you'd imagine eventually a few have stick or work out.... right.... RIGHT?

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