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4 Fantasy Football Questions: Please Help

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Hello Panther Fans!

I am going forum to forum to ask 3 questions and also looking for any information/insight you have to offer about your beloved team and will have each thread linked in the fantasy football forum as a way for everyone to help everyone(ET already cleared me doing this)

1. After an 1100-7 season for rookie Christian McCaffrey i think expectations have increased a bit but CJ Anderson still seems to be playing a decent role in Carolina. Will McCaffrey get over 270 touches this year? 

2. After a Olsen got hurt and Kelvin got traded, it was apparent that Cam Newton was in for an uphill battle. Now that Olsen is healthy, Funchess is 1 year better and the addition of Moore do you think we see more of the SuperCam that was MVP?

3. What do you make of the target share for receptions? Who do you think scores more points, Funchess or Olsen?

4. Who are the over/underrated fantasy players you would like to call out and what do you expect of them statistically?

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Cam and McCaffrey should be pretty strong performers overall, but I'd expect them to be inconsistent week-to-week. Cam will singlehandedly win you a few games, but he'll take you out of just as many. Its how he does in those in-between games that determines whether he's a top 5 fantasy QB or more in the 12-15 range.

Funchess probably sees more targets, probably a slightly better statline (maybe +15/250/3), but Olsen should be a higher priority TE than Funchess at WR.

I'd stay away from DJ Moore this year. We've never been the greatest at integrating rookies, and we have three other players right now who could fill a similar role to what you'd expect of him. On that note, Torrey Smith is worth a look in deeper leagues. CJ Anderson is the closest thing we have to a sleeper. 

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1. Rivera said he thinks CMC can get 25-30 touches per game, which would put him over 400 touches. That seems a bit overboard, but it seems reasonable to suggest he will get the ball a lot more than he did last year. I'd bet the over on 270.

2. Hard to say. We were slinging it a lot in '15. We don't have someone in taking the Ted Ginn mantle as "Guy who runs in a straight line past everyone else for a TD" yet. Norv also might reduce the amount of option runs to take away Cam's longer rushing scores. So to answer you question, I doubt we see Cam score 45 TDs again.

3. Olsen. Almost certainly going to get more catches and yards. I think we do go back to more of a '15 offense where love is distributed equally among wideouts while Olsen is the steady #1.

4. As someone who isn't following fantasy all that closely, I have no idea! I think if people are expecting Funchess to become a 70/1000/7 type player they'd be mistaken. CMC, Moore, Samuel, Byrd, Wright, Smith, and Thomas are all going to be active in the receiving game too much for that to happen I think.

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