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College Football 2018

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The double standard in the NCAA and the universities is disgusting. Just all around really. It's making it easier to find something else to do besides tuning in. 

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8 hours ago, plan9misfit said:

Not to mention that Jim Tressel got fired for covering up Pryor’s issues. 

Didnt this incident happen back in 09 or something? If anything should have been done it should have been done back then. Unless I read this wrong the only thing Meyer failed to do was report the incident when he hired him at OSU. But as far as I know Smith's wife didnt even report the issue which is sad of course. But legally speaking Meyer did nothing wrong. And the only real issues were ethical issues of hiring him in the first place which is not a basis for the suspension. 

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4 hours ago, Texas_OutLaw7 said:





ALL taking care of business today.

Texas too. That's sure gonna be a purrtty lookin stadium after they write that 200 million dollar check. I mean we wouldn't want to waste that on something useless like making tuition cheaper for students or something.

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