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Corey Coleman traded to the bills

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1 hour ago, ReggieCamp said:


The Bills SUCK at WR, and Coleman was still cut.  That's 2 NFL coaching staffs that came to the same conclusion.

His attitude must be straight up hot garbage - at least we got a token pick for him before showing him the door.

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On 8/7/2018 at 9:41 PM, bruceb said:

I do not necessarily disagree with trading Coleman.

It was the timing, the poor value received and the seeming slap at Sashi that irk me.

I also do not disagree with drafting Calloway where we did.

My issue overall is that he already had two time bombs (Calloway and Gordon) ticking.

Ironic that things converged in a way most unfavorable for us.

But it also shows that Dorsey doesn't do a good job of thinking things through.

How was it poor valued? Bills released him  after 2-3 weeks. Again the Bills have a very suspect WR Corp. A lot of Browns beat guys were reporting he was a bubble guy. So Dorsey took a guy that was going to get cut and go something out of him. Seems like value to me. 

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