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4 Fantasy Football Questions: Please Help

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Hello Seahawk Fans,

I am going forum to forum to ask 3 questions and also looking for any information/insight you have to offer about your beloved team and will have each thread linked in the fantasy football forum as a way for everyone to help everyone(ET already cleared me doing this)

1. Rashaad Penny is a talented rookie RB with a good size/speed combo and even ample opportunity for alot of work but the Seattle OL needs alot of work. Will the OL be good enough to make Penny a decent #2 fantasy RB?

2. Doug Baldwin is easily Wilson's #1 weapon but will be keyed on more by defenses because of a lack of a legit #2 threat. Will this and his knee injury that might keep him out this preseason and slow to start the year hinder his expectations or is his 1000 yards and 8 TDs pretty still likely?

3. Russell Wilson is probably the best dual threat QB in the league being both an elite passer and runner but with a similarly weak OL and the loss of Graham and Richardson, will he have a hard time repeating such a strong 2017 performance?

4. Who are the over/underrated fantasy players you would like to call out and what do you expect of them statistically?

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1. Chris Carson seems to be the #1 guy right now. But RP should still factor heavily in the run game. Id imagine RP will be eased into a bigger role throughout the season. Could be a decent stash guy for the your bench. There is also a heavy emphasis on RB being more of a factor in the passing game. Something both CC and RP can do.

2. DB, if healthy will get his touches. Not sure if the TDs will be there factoring in Jarron Brown and (possible) Brandon Marshall. Could be another solid stash guy to see how the pre-season shakes out.

3. Russell gonna Russell. He is starting to enter his prime as QBs go. Graham + PRich loss can be offset with a more consistent run game. Plus, I think the WR core is alot deeper this year too. IF.... and thats a big IF... the offensive does improve, and a decent run game can be established, RW numbers could dip [at least the TDs].

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