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38 minutes ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

Sashi was definitely guilty of the same issue, albeit for a different reason.  We weren’t better by letting guys like Schwartz, Mack, Gabriel, etc go.

As far as the QB, WR, DB upgrades, I have no reason to believe similar moves wouldn’t have been made by any GM, the tank was over, we had the ability to secure our QB.

Idk. I don’t see other GMs passing up on Wentz, Goff, or Watson/Mahomes (if Dorsey was GM of the Browns, maybe both are there at 12). 

Who knows what QB sashi would of drafted this year but he will always been known as the GM that passed on those three QB (wentz Goff and Watson). 

I believe other GMs would of ranked as well but not nearly as bad as the Browns did like not having a legit vet in the QB room, releasing your best corner right before the season started, and etc

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Just now, LETSGOBROWNIES said:

I’m schedule is saturated this week.

Swamped in fact.



Swap honey for crafts and you have @LETSGOBROWNIES

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11 hours ago, Fatgerman said:

Totally stole Urban Meyer's gimmick, only there, they remove a black-taped stripe from their helmet. What I like better about the Buckeye's version is that each guy loses their black stripe only after they've individually earned it and only then, and not all at once. Before you lose your stripe, you aren't considered part of the team. You can tell it really means something to those guys to lose that black stripe.


but the thing is some players dont  make the team 

so what if you give a player a strip then he doesnt make the team or gets cut before final cuts

then what message are you sending?

best to wait till the 53

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Can someone tell me why hard k(n)ocks chose to showcase a dude that likes rocks and a mediocre pass rusher, albeit with a beautiful family, over a local kid that looks like he’s going to be a star? Or over an UDFA that could become our LT of the future?

Will be following Broback mountain mainly because of his girlfriend ( I know a contradiction) because she’s hot. For real I’m rooting for him he did some nice things. 

Poor Eliot Wolf. Hope those bucks are worth your Grimm reaperness. 

We might actually be ready for a punchers chance against the stillers. We actually had hard choices in the cuts. Normally I really don’t care about the cuts. Kind of like trimming the deadest of dead leaves of a tree so you can keep the least of the dead leaves. (Let it sink in, you’ll get it) 

We’re not there yet gents, a couple years off, but man looks like we’re finally on the right path. 

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