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Finally! It’s back! Preseason Week 1: Cleveland Browns @ New York Giants

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2 hours ago, Go_Giants said:

1. The Eagles, we are not as good as they are  so we are not winning the division. Given how good the NFC is overall, it is going to take at least 10 wins to get a wildcard, I don't see us winning 10 games.


The Eagles won the superbowl so we expect them to be great but the Skins and Boys don't do much for me.  

2 hours ago, Go_Giants said:

2. New defensive and new offensive system. It usually takes a couple of games for a defense to get a real feel for a new system, it takes longer for an offense. This adjustment period is going to cost us games.


Whether your right about how long it takes teams to get a feel for the scheme or not, Eli is the best person for this situation, he's been able to adjust to new receivers fairly quick.  

Changing schemes, coaches, general manager, restructuring the offensive line while dropping cap in players like JPP, DRC, Dwayne Harris and Brandon Marshall to name some of the more expensive cuts, but we really changed things up.  We basically did rebuild.

2 hours ago, Go_Giants said:

3. Killer schedule, we can very easily go 1-5 in our first 6 games and if we do there is no way are getting enough wins to make the playoffs.


The schedule doesn't look too killer to me, sure we have some early games with some solid teams, but I could see us winning 10 games.

2 hours ago, Go_Giants said:

4. The offensive line, it is better but it is not complete. Right Tackle and Center are big concerns.  And lets not fool ourselves Nate Solder is being paid like a top LT but he is not a top of the line LT.


Now this I can agree with you on.  The other stuff was more opinionated but this is spot on.  Our line sucked last season and I'm still not sold on it being any better than it was.  Flowers didn't work at left tackle and didn't impress me last week at right tackle.  I was really hoping to retain Weston Richburg because I think he was the better option so this is definitely.

I'm also not a fan of Hernandez and yes Nate isn't a HOF caliber or even top 10 at his position.  He's days better than Flowers but depth is a huge concern for me.  While I liked our draft picks for the most part I was hoping that the team would have put more attention on the offensive line.

If this line can't figure it out and find a way to pass protect then its going to be another long season.  

2 hours ago, Go_Giants said:

5. Lack of depth, we still have no idea who our starting Free Safety is, who is going to be third and fourth Corner Back. The lack of quality we will have if we suffer injury at those positions and Linebacker and either Right or Light Tackle should be a great concern. 


I'm okay with the safety competition as well as corner depth isn't filled with starters like when DRC was on the roster but it ain't horrible.  I'd like to see a little more depth added here too, I think the defense is going to be as good as these guys make it.  Right and left tackle as well as right and left guard and toss in the center are all major concerns.  Linebacker and Offensive line is where our season is at.  

2 hours ago, Go_Giants said:

And outside of Odell what other weapons do we have at receiver? The only thing Sterling is considered great at is route running, he is okay but I would not call him a weapon.


I actually like our receiving weapons.

Odell, Sheppard, Engram, the rookie Barkley.  While not a proven or even established receiver I do like what Cody Latimer brings to the table.  I think Manning is going to make this guy look like a stud.



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