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Preseason Game#1 Thread: Houston Texans vs Kansas City Chiefs

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Ejiofor is looking really solid as well. If he can develop into a solid OLB, that would be huge for us if we were to lose Clowney or Watt to injury. 

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1st half

The good

Watson - 1 solid series, then bubble wrap, beautiful

Akins - 2 tds in 1 half, All Texans TEs in 16 games 2017: 2

O-Line - sack free half vs. vanilla

Ejiofor - pretty good Clowney impersonation

Weeden - efficient

Lamar Miller - looks like the speed is back

Troymaine Pope - mark it down , dude is making this roster

Dylan Cole

Kick Coverage - gee, Seely actually knows what he's doing

Dee Virgin - got beat for TD, but also made some plays and great kick coverage

Blackson - that is a mountain of a dude - I'm over-Dunn

Sammy Coates - dude can get open, catching still TBD


The bad

Blue - vintage blue - 8 runs into lineman butts, 2 dropped passes

Decoud - please cut this fool, just an awful football player

Tyler Ervin - the alfred blue of returners, the job is to make people miss, not run to the pile

Braxton Miller - got another owie - dude still plays like he's wearing a red "don't hit the QB" shirt

Scarlett - nothing awful, but soft arm tackling aint going to fight off hungry guys gunning for your spot

Justin Reid - nothing awful, just a bit soft in coverage

Chachere - cha cha whiff

O'Brien - punt on 4th and 1 inside the 50? - ya think short yardage might need the work more than our 42 year old punter?

ABC Graphics guy - Brian Griffin is a dog, not our TE, Sentral Henderson? Senil Kelemente?  Preseason caliber proofreading

New kickoff rule - way to make the 1 play between 8 minutes of commercials even more pointless



Edited by Apollo Stallion

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2nd half

The Good

Keenan Gillchrist - 5 more plays than Marcus made last year, dude was everywhere - THAT's how you earn a job

Josh Keyes - he killed a dude

Joe Webb - #5 looking like #4 - pleeez carry 3 QBs and no FB!

Troymaine Pope - going to earn the Jonathan Grimes memorial preseason rb spot

Romeo - so great to see the Denny's menu lanyard back vs. unwarranted pretty boy hype

Oline - well if nobody blitzes this season, we are set

Josh Thornton - maybe he can give Kareem some pointers on how to break up a pass without interfering - game saving breakup!

Darius Kilgo - back to back stuffs at the 2 with the game on the line (some others in the pile I couldn't see)

Goalline stand to win game after screwing up our own short yardage situations - still might wanna work on the o, Bob

No real injuries that I saw!


The Bad

Andre Chachere - at least we didn't burn a 7th rounder on you like Lewis, no way San Jose

Chester Weah - looked great right up to the part where you let the TD go off your fingers

Stephen Anderson - roster spots are lost with horrible td drops like that

Kendall Lamm - I like blocking TEs, just not ones we still think are LTs

Jay Prosch - another 4th and 1 where he brings absolutely nothing - such a wasted roster spot

Watson - ditch the gatorade towel headband look

Josh Keyes - ok, the hit was nice - almost everything else was as goofy looking as your Merton Hanks neck

Dee Virgin - every good play followed by a bad one


No Shows

Terry Swanson

Jordan Thomas

Stephen Morris

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i dont trust the weeden offense (reminds me of watching savage play well last year in preseason) but the defense looked hungry. overall, feeling good



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I really liked what I saw from Julie'n Davenport. He used his arms as weapons, just got into the pass rush and locked them out. He's made some really nice blocks out there. Let's see it against Jacksonville, but I'm satisfied.

Seantrell Henderson and Zach Fulton, on the other hand...well, that's a huge crack in the line.

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My #1 takeaway from this game, however, is that I don't know how Chiefs fans are going to survive the torrent of Kermit The Frog memes that are going to start flooding in as soon as Patrick Mahomes starts doing national press as their starting QB.   I do not predict a "Rainbow Connection" from what I saw tonight where Chase Litton (one of my UDFA favs) was their most competent QB.

I wish I could get the interview with him from tonight's game as I was in the other room and literally thought they were doing a bit for some new Muppet movie until I came around the corner and saw it was Mahomes. Sure, we had bigger problems to worry about the past few years at Baylor, but how did I miss the opportunity to harass my Tech friends about this guy?



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