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9 teams separated by 4 pts in the relegation fight.

Leeds jumped from 19 to 14 winning. Everton moved up 2 with a draw.


If you havent heard about Luton Town. 10 years ago they were in the National League. They now sit 4th in the Championship.

Amazing story there.

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On 3/17/2023 at 1:43 PM, Dr LBC said:

Initial report on Saliba is that he was taken off "for precautionary reasons" so likely a strain, given that there's only the Palace game between now and the international break, he's likely back after that since this will likely keep him from getting called up for France.

Tomi left the stadium last night on crutches and it's a knee injury.  They haven't done the scans yet, to my knowledge, but I think it's safe to say he's done for the season and the way they were checking it, I think he probably tore something, so that puts him out the summer and probably into next season.  Ruell Walters will likely get called up to the First Team for the remainder of the season, though Saliba, once he's fit again might actually be the emergency RB since he has played there previous (just not for us).

Following up.  It's a back injury.  French new outlets are saying "several" weeks which is, in my opinion, purposefully vague, but still we're likely looking at the soonest of him returning is post international break, and more likely probably a week or so after that (I'm gauging mostly off of the time missed by Partey earlier this year with a "back injury" so I'll fully own that I may not be accurate).  Will be interesting to see how things roll out.  And the soonest anything will really be telling will be the Liverpool match, since Arteta had already show a propensity to start Tomiyasu who won't be available over Zinchenko to try to pocket Salah.

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@lomaxgrUK I got a book recommendation on the Bradford City FC fire in 1985.

Did a little looking as Ive never heard of it. Saw the live broadcast happening from that game when the blazes took hold. Horrific.  Just wanted to see what you knew. Sure that had to be major national news for a generation. Like Hurricane Katrina was for me.

Edit for the others: This took 4 minutes. 4 mins from which it started small as a campfire. Claimed 56.



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On 3/27/2023 at 12:49 PM, EvilenFroggen said:

Since 2013, Spurs have had to pay five managers after sacking them. That Levy sure is a shrewd negotiator. 

Imagine firing a manager in the middle of a top 4 fight…

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