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Houston Astros Thread (PENA SZN)


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12 hours ago, Spartica4Real said:

This is going to add such a spark to this team. If it doesn't, I'll be shocked. Getting Verlander, when the team was admittedly down about the trade deadline and coming back to Houston at the same time? Hope we get in our groove and secure home field.

McCullers and Correa coming back in a few days will provide a big spark as well. 

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Magic number to clinch division is 3. Can clinch as early as tomorrow. I'm going to the game tonight.


That Marisnick injury hurts but its good we traded for Maybin. Plus Springer is starting in CF regardless. Is to safe to say Peacock has turned his career around? He has been pretty damn good for us this season. He always had the talent (was a top 100 prospect at one point). I feel comfortable starting him in a playoff game need be.


Edit: Oh damn, I wasn't aware how bad Maybin has hit since he been an Astros. I know he had a few good games offensively but sheesh.

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21 hours ago, Texansfan713 said:

Game 1 starter should be Verlander. Our best starting pitcher vs their best.  I would round out the rotation with Keuchel, Peacock and McHugh.  At first I was thinking about the possibility of McCullers pitching out the pen but now I'm not even sure he should do that. 

Lance should 100% pitch out the pen, he has too much potential for an absolutely dominant appearance to think otherwise. He needs a short leash though. I agree with what the rotation should be, that's exactly what I have it pegged as too. I would even entertain the idea of having dual starters, ie: Peacock starts and Morton relieves him after however many innings in game 3, and then McHugh/McCullers in game 4. 

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