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Houston Astros Thread (PENA SZN)


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On 10/19/2020 at 1:09 AM, tab said:

what a fun post season. i didn't have any expectations at all going in, just happy to be there, and it was a joyride the entire way


We were playing with house money losing JV. 

I really hope we can keep Springer, but the way Click talked earlier this week, it doesn't sound likely. 

I am happy we found some good young,  and cheap arms this season. 

Lance is healthy and get head the staff.

Framer matured. 

Javier has a dominating FB

Urquidy proved last year wasnt a fluke

Parades, and Taylor can hold their own in the pen.

It was a productive season! 


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Five consecutive ALDS games

Every time I think this team loses a player that is essential to this team, its like someone else just steps up. Its just insane. All you can do is just enjoy the ride


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4 hours ago, Texansfan713 said:

How are we feeling?  @lumberjackchris @tab @Spartica4Real and especially @biggio7..iirc you live next to the Phillies fans right? lol

I have a good vibe going on. I was kinda scared to face Juan Soto again in the WS. Glad that we ended up with the same amount of rest days before the WS and hoping the bats stay warm

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