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SURVIVOR POOL 13 is now over! Lurker is our champion!!


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Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
To wager all on the back of one team
And watch it burn with a scream

And whosoever shall be found
Watching their single pick go down
Will forever feel like a giant fool
For entering in The SURVIVOR POOL!



  1. Every week, you must choose a winner in just ONE game.
  2. You may select a team only once during the entire competition.  In other words, if you choose the Giants in week one, you may not choose the Giants again for the rest of the competition.
  3. You must make a valid selection every week.
    1. A valid selection is defined as:
      1. Selecting a team whom you have not picked in a prior week and
      2. The post is recorded no less than 5 minutes before the official start time of the game in question.
    2. Failure to make a valid selection every week at no less than five minutes before the start of the last scheduled game (i.e. last Monday Night Football game of the week) will lead to your disqualification.
  4. If the team you choose wins, you continue on. If they lose, you are eliminated. If your team ties, I will point and laugh at you; you'll be eliminated as well. Your team must win to continue


Anyone may enter up until five minutes before the kickoff of the final Monday Night Football game during the first week of the regular season.

NOTE: I will not accept posts on behalf of another. Each contestant must post his or her own selection in this thread for all the world to see (and mock, if they so choose).

To enter the competition, all you need to do is post a message that looks like the one below (with the data filled in properly) by no later than Monday, September 10th, 2018 at 10:15 PM ET (five minutes before the Rams-Raiders game):


Favorite Team: (<name of your favorite team>)

Week 1: (<your week one selection >)

REASON: I group everyone by team. When I'm at work, I try to keep up with this thread but sometimes the company firewall blocks images. You might think your avatar and name make it obvious, but please, just put your team name there. If you forget to post it with your original entry, please include it later. Just don't edit your original. Also, in the event that you prevail, your team's colors will highlight your name for all eternity.

NOTE: If you do not selection a team, you will be assigned one of my choosing.
NOTE #2: This is a regular season only competition. You do not need to guess at any preseason games. The competition officially begins in Week 1. I post this as early as I can so others can see it and join in.

All you need to do is post a valid selection (as defined above). You don't need to post your team if you don't want to.


In this thread. Only in this thread. There will not be a new thread created every week. This is the only one. The only way this changes is if I asked to create a new thread by Webmaster, one of the global moderators, or one of the moderators of the General forum. This has not been an issue in the past, so assume that you will need to post here.

NOTE: I will not accept private messages from you.


  • If you have not posted a selection for a given week: Any time in a given week prior to the start of a game. As mentioned above, as long as your selection is in before 5 minutes before the official start time for the game, you're fine.
  • If you have posted a selection for a given week: Not until after the start of the last game of week. In those weeks where there are more than one MNF game, the last one matters.
    1. It is after the start of Monday Night Football (or the season has not begun in the case of Week 1) and you pick a team playing any time this week, you're okay.
    2. It is up to 8:14 PM ET (inclusive) on Thursday and you pick a team playing on Thursday night, you're okay.
    3. It is 8:15 PM ET or later on Thursday and you pick a team playing on Thursday night, your pick is not good.
    4. It is up to 12:54 PM ET (inclusive) on Sunday and you pick a team that is playing at 1 PM, you're okay.
    5. It is 12:55 PM ET or later on Sunday and you pick a team that is playing at 1 PM, your pick is not good.
    6. It is more than five minutes before the 4 PM ET kickoffs (4:00, 4:10, or 4:20, inclusive) and you pick a team that is playing in one of those games, you're okay.
    7. It is less than five minutes before the 4 PM ET kickoffs and you pick a team that is playing in one of those games, your pick is not good.
    8. It is up to 8:14 PM ET (inclusive) on Sunday night and you pick one of the teams playing Sunday night, you're okay.
    9. It is 8:15 PM ET or later on Sunday night and you pick one of the teams playing Sunday night, your pick is not good.
    10. It is more than five minutes before one of the kickoffs for Monday Night Football games (7:05/10:15 for Week 1, 8:10 for other weeks) and you pick one of the teams playing, you're okay.
    11. It is less than five minutes before the Monday Night Football game and you pick one of the teams playing, your pick is not good. If that is the last game of the week, you will be eliminated for failing to make a pick.
    12. If you post a following week's pick before the actual official start of the last Monday Night Football game, YOUR PICK IS NOT GOOD.
  • Yes, I had to be that explicit.

REASON: Especially early in the competition, people forget to make their selection until late. It's incredibly difficult when someone is picking a team for Week 3 and I'm trying to sort out what people are doing for Week 2. This is especially an issue if the team you selection plays on a Thursday. So, please, just wait.

  • At my discretion as emcee of this competition, I can waive the "no selections before MNF" rule stated above for a given week. That waiver is only good for the particular week where it is given.

REASON: Late in the season, when there are only a few competitors left, this leaves me the option of allowing them to go forward if everyone's selections have already finished for that week.

  • The time of your selection will be the board post time.

REASON: It's the only fair way to handle when a selection is made. I don't care if your wall clock says you had 10 minutes. What the board says, goes.



  • If you edit your post, you will be disqualified from the competition.
  • If you joke about editing your post, you will be disqualified from the competition.
  • It does not matter if the edited post had nothing to do with your pick. If you edited a post, you will be disqualified from the competition
  • It does not matter if you explain why you edited the post. If you edited a post, you will be disqualified from the competition.
  • It does not matter if you made a mistake by editing it. (once again) If you edited a post, you will be disqualified from the competition.
  • Just because your post doesn't say "Edited by" does not mean you will not be removed from the competition.
  • Deleting a post will be treated as editing one.

REASON: The thread will get incredibly long very quickly, especially in the first couple of weeks. It is hard enough dealing with the selections for 150-200+ people much less going back over and re-reading every post in the thread to see if someone changed their mind. I have no way of verifying that your "innocent"/"unrelated to the game" edit was in fact innocent and unrelated to the game. So, even if you changed your selection well in advance of the start of the game, editing your post will lead to your disqualification. I have also had one year where someone cheated and changed their selection after their team lost. In short, editing is the kiss of death here.

One more time:


There is no winning an appeal on this one. I have made this abundantly clear. If you edit your post, you're done.

The previous rule does not mean you cannot change your mind. In the event that you wish to change your selection , post a NEW message in the thread stating you wish to change your selection. Don't edit your original. No explanations are necessary, though they can be fun (especially to head fake your opponents).

On a personal note, please indicate you are changing your selection. Quoting your previous selection is even better.

Some people like to post their selections from previous weeks with their current guess. It is not required. If you wish to have your list in each post, that is fine, but the master list I maintain on the first page is the one that counts. Your list is unofficial.

If you selected a team that you have already picked, it will be treated as if you had not made any selection for that week. I will try to point it out, but I am not responsible for reporting it to you. You and you alone are responsible for getting your selections correct. The front page will list what selections you have made. Likewise, you and you alone are responsible for getting your selections in on time. I will not accept any excuses, even if it is a true hardship. I realize life happens, but you will have a week to get a selection in on time.

If you make a valid selection and then later change it to an invalid one, your valid selection will not stand. Making any change strikes out the previous selection . This goes for making a selection of a team that would have been valid but you picked too late (inside of five minutes of the start of the game the team you picked is in).

If you want, you may post selections  for future weeks (as a challenge or if you know you won't be around). If you later change one of the future selections, any unchanged selections in the rest of the list will still stand provided they are still valid (and you are still in the competition). As an example:


picks for weeks 1-3: Washington, NY Giants, Philadelphia

Eh, I'm a little dubious of us winning in week 1, so I'll change that to Indianapolis

In this case, my selections would be Indianapolis for week 1, NY Giants for week 2, and Philadelphia for week 3. If I had changed my week 1 selection to Philadelphia, both it and the Giants selection in week 2 would be valid, but my week 3 selection would be invalid since I already picked them.

NOTE: This does not conflict with the previous "you cannot pick until after MNF is over" rule above.

In the event that a game is postponed or rescheduled:

  1. For the purposes of the "WHEN" rule above, the "start time" of the game will be earliest time of the original kickoff versus the new kickoff time. To clarify:
    1. If the game is moved later than what it is currently scheduled now, the lock time will be five minutes before the original start time for your selection.
    2. If the game is moved earlier than what it is currently scheduled now, the lock time will be five minutes before the new start time for your selection.
  2. If a game is postponed, you will not be able to select a team in that game after the original official start time. In other words, if the game was supposed to start at 1 PM ET, and you had previously chosen a team starting at 4:15 PM ET, you will not be allowed to change your selection to one of the two teams in the postponed game after 12:55 PM ET even if the game is not occuring until the following day.
  3. If the game is moved to another week and you do not change your selection in the original week, you will be allowed to continue. However, you will be treated as having already selected that team and that team must win on the week the game is moved to. In other words, there will be a week where you will need two wins.
  4. In the arguably laughable situation that a game is cancelled altogether (i.e. it is never rescheduled), you are eliminated. Sorry, you need to win to advance, and the game has to be played in order for that team to win.


If you find an error in the master list, please point it out. You can do it in the main thread or by PM. This will be the only situation where I will accept game related traffic via PM.

When the game is on-going, I will do my best to keep the master list up-to-date. However, there will be times I will be behind. Please do not panic if you don't see your newest selection in the master list. I will catch up and if you've posted a valid selection , it will count even if I haven't updated the master list by the time the game starts. Please don't post asking why your selection isn't on the list. I have a full time job, a pair of young kids, and am a moderator on another forum. I'll get to it. I AM CURRENTLY ON VACATION (until mid-to-late August)

NOTE: As an aside, in the past, I have had others help out by gathering posts in one place for me to record. While I appreciate that, two things:

  • That list is unofficial.
  • If you edit that list while trying to keep it up-to-date, it will be considered an in-game edit and thus lead to your disqualification.

Like Roger Goodell, I am the judge, I am the jury, I am the appeals court and I am the executioner. My word is law. I make no promises to be fairer than Goodell, either.

My justice might be slow. I have found evidence of people committing a violation in Week 3 but only discovering the violation in Week 10. They will be marked as having gone out in Week 3.



The game will end when one of three conditions occurs:

  1. There is only one person remaining who has selected all winning teams.
  2. All of the remaining competitors lose on the same week.
  3. All of the remaining competitors make it to the end of the regular season (no, I will not continue into the playoffs).

If condition 2 or 3 occurs, we go to the:


The primary tiebreaker will be the lowest cumulative winning percentage of all teams each contestant selected. For example:

Contestant A: Selects teams 1 (2-1), 3 (3-0), and 4 (2-1).
Contestant B: Selects teams 1 (2-1), 2 (1-2), and 4 (2-1).

Contestant A has a cumulative winning percentage of 0.778 (7-2)
Contestant B has a cumulative winning percentage of 0.556 (5-4).

Contestant B wins.

If you select all 10, 11 and 12 win teams, you will almost certainly lose the tiebreaker. So, picking an occasional upset might be to your advantage. Of course, you need to survive first. Choose wisely.

Do note that the tiebreaker record for you entry is a summation of how each of your selections has done up through the season to when I calculate the tiebreaker. In other words, picking a team early versus late has no bearing on your tiebreaking record, only that you selected the team at some point.

The secondary tiebreaker (credit to @TXsteeler):


Since your first tie-breaker is intended to reward those players who take more risk and pick less obvious teams by giving the victory to the player whose combined picked teams have the lowest total win %, why not make the second tie-breaker award the victory to the player whose combined picked teams have the lowest cumulative margin of victory.

For example,

Player 1 picks team A (5-0) 100-74, team B (2-3) 98-88, and team C (1-4) 70-98.

Player 2 picks team A (5-0),100-74, team B (2-3) 98-88, and team D (1-4) 62-120.

In this scenario they tie for total win % for the first tie breaker, with both of their picks' total win %'s equaling  8-5, however player 1 has a total margin of victory of 260-268 whereas player 2 has a total margin of victory of 260-282, therefore player 2 wins the second tiebreaker.

In the event that there is still a tie, the third and final tiebreaker will be a double-elimination style rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock tourney. I will PM the parties involved to make their selections. The winner will be the first person not to have two losses. In the case of more than two final competitors, the competitors in the head-to-head games will not know who they are competing against.

In short, let's hope it doesn't come to that.


Finally, I will be also a competitor in this. With the exception of the emcee-based posts here on the first page, I will be bound to all of the rules above. So if I edit a post on any page other than the first page, I will be disqualified. I will make clear where the line is drawn between my emcee posts and my competitor posts below.


2017 -- @THE DUKE (sole survivor after Week 14)
2016 -- @jp_chilli (beat out Cicero on the first tiebreaker, both having lost in week 16)
2015 -- @Kenrik (sole survivor after Week 9)
2014 -- Wes (beat out defending champion xXxHOUSEDxXx on the first tiebreaker, having both completed the season)
2013 -- @xXxHOUSEDxXx (beat out Dr. Philly, Gmen4ev, and stafford=legend on the first tiebreaker, all having lost in Week 12)
2012 -- @kgthekid (beat out 1BackInBlackFan on the first tiebreaker, having both completed the season)
2011 -- nickcollinsfan (sole survivor after Week 15)
2010 -- @JaguarCrazy2832 (beat out muscles on the first tiebreaker, having both lost in Week 16)
2009 -- @DBoiFresh24 (beat out DaBoys and Vexing Viking on the first tiebreaker, having all completed the season)
2008 -- Dow Jones (sole survivor after Week 10)
2007 -- @giants! (beat out #1CARDSFAN and eaglesfan536890 on the first tiebreaker, having all lost in Week 10)
2006 -- @Texas_OutLaw7 (sole survivor after Week 7)

Breakdown of champions by team
Green Bay - 4
Dallas - 2
Baltimore - 1
Cincinnati - 1
Chicago - 1
Jacksonville - 1
Miami - 1
NY Giants - 1

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DreamKid [Baltimore]
Lurker [Kansas City]


They both go down! To the tiebreaker! Remove common teams:

DreamKid [Baltimore] - BAL, LAR, CHI, CARMIN, NOR
Lurker [Kansas City] 

BAL = 5-5-0
LAR = 10-1-0
CHI = 7-3-0
CAR = 6-4-0
MIN = 5-4-1
NOR = 9-1-0

TOTAL = 42-18-1

DEN = 4-6-0
CLE = 3-6-1
HOU = 7-3-0
IND = 5-5-0
PIT = 7-2-1
SFO = 2-8-0

TOTAL = 28-30-1


Lurker WINS!

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Longhorns90 [Houston] - CIN, LAC, CHI, SEA, CAR, GRB, ATL, PIT, MIA, PHI

SWATcha [New Orleans] - MIN, LAR, KAN, LAC, NWE, HOU, IND, ARI, DAL 

Mega Ron [Cleveland] - GRB, LAR, CLE, LAC, NOR, MIN, KAN, NWE, OAK

FrankRizzo [NY Giants] - MIN, LAR, KAN, GRB, CIN, HOU, IND, NWE, OAK
Shady Slim [Pittsburgh] - CIN, LAC, CLE, GRB, CAR, ATL, DEN, PIT, OAK

blkwdw13 [Chicago] - BAL, DEN, KAN, SEA, LAC, MIN, JAC

Packer_ESP [Green Bay] - BAL, LAC, KAN, JAC, DEN
MikeT14 [Washington] - LAR, CHI, PHI, LAC, DEN

roysmyboy31 [Dallas] - BAL

Johnthejetsfan [NY Jets] - LAR, LAC, CHI, IND

FuzzyTiger [Dallas] - BAL, LAC, NWE
Broncofan [Denver] - BAL, LAC, NWE
Twizlers [Denver] - BAL, LAR, NWE
Hunter2_1 [New England] - GRB, LAR, NWE
e16bball [Washington] - BAL, NOR, NWE

Kiei7 [Dallas] - BAL, LAC, DAL

PFM18 [Split Fandom Disorder] - NWE, NOR, GRB

RavensDefense3 [Baltimore] - BAL, LAR, MIN
NickChowaniec [Buffalo] - LAR, LAC, MIN

FakePlasticTrees [Carolina] - BAL, LAR, MIN
TankWilliams [Chicago] - LAR, NOR, MIN (previously picked GRB)
fluhartz [Cincinnati] - BAL, LAR, MIN

INbengalfan [Cincinnati] - BAL, LAR, MIN
johndeere1707 [Cincinnati] - CIN, NOR, MIN
SmittyBacall [Cincinnati] - CIN, LAR, MIN
THE DUKE [Cincinnati] - GRB, LAC, MIN

theJ [Cincinnati] - BAL, LAR, MIN
couchscout [Dallas] - BAL, LAR, MIN
DaBoys [Dallas] - BAL, LAR, MIN
DalCowboyzRule [Dallas] - BAL, DAL, MIN

MA4akhcSus [Detroit] - GRB, LAR, MIN
ManeLine [Detroit] - BAL, NOR, MIN
The Orca [Florida Gators] - BAL, LAR, MIN
deltarich87 [Green Bay] - BAL, NOR, MIN
Kenrik [Green Bay] - GRB, LAR, MIN
Malfatron [Green Bay] - LAR, NOR, MIN

notthatbluestuff [Indianapolis] - BAL, LAC, MIN
AdrenalineFlux [Jacksonville] - JAC, LAC, MIN
Tugboat [Jacksonville] - BAL, LAR, MIN
Bolts223 [LA Chargers] - BAL, LAR, MIN
kyle21121 [LA Chargers] - LAR, LAC, MIN
DistantRam [LA Rams] - BAL, LAR, MIN
El ramster [LA Rams] - LAR, LAC, MIN
FrantikRam [LA Rams] - GRB, LAR, MIN

NVRamsFan [LA Rams] - DEN, NOR, MIN
cddolphin [Miami] - MIA, CHI, MIN
Chosen One [Miami] - BAL, LAC, MIN
Nbanflguy [Minnesota] - BAL, NOR, MIN
Uncle Buck [Minnesota] - BAL, SFO, MIN

ChazStandard [New England] - GRB, DEN, MIN
dhunt2402 [New England] - LAR, NOR, MIN
goldfishwars [New England] - BAL, LAR, MIN

Acgott [NY Giants] - BAL, NOR, MIN
EL Guapo [NY Giants] - BAL, LAR, MIN
bcb1213 [NY Jets] - BAL, NOR, MIN
bluecheese999 [NY Jets] - BAL, NOR, MIN

Gannon12 [Oakland] - GRB, LAR, MIN
JTagg7754 [Oakland] - BAL, LAR, MIN

Eagles $5$ [Philadelphia] - BAL, NOR, MIN
Jeezla [Philadelphia] - CIN, LAC, MIN
RandyMossIsBoss [Philadelphia] - BAL, LAR, MIN
Forge [San Francisco] - BAL, NOR, MIN

bucsfan333 [Tampa Bay] - CAR, NOR, MIN
indifference [Tampa Bay] - BAL, LAC, MIN
Pickle Rick [Tampa Bay] - BAL, LAR, MIN
RuskieTitan [Tennessee] - GRB, LAR, MIN
titanrick [Tennessee] - LAR, LAC, MIN
CrashMan510 [Zips of Akron] - BAL, SFO, MIN

I <3 Faulk [LA Rams] - LAR, CHI, OAK

kgthekid [Green Bay] - GRB, LAR, HOU (previously picked MIN)
Texansfan713 [Houston] - BAL, NOR, HOU
daineraider [Oakland] - BAL, LAC, HOU

Slappy Mc [Washington] - JAC, LAC, HOU

paraven [Baltimore] - BAL, NOR, JAC
JPPT1974 [Denver] - PHI, NOR, JAC

EaglesPeteC [Philadelphia] - BAL, LAC, disqualified due to editing
Manny/Patrick [San Francisco] - MIN, SFO, disqualified due to editing

Lunch Pail [Green Bay] - BAL, LAC, <no pick recorded>

Art_Vandalay [Philadelphia] - BAL, HOU (previously picked NOR)
Almm24 [Washington] - WAS, HOU

ReggieCamp [Cleveland] - BAL, WAS
MD4L [Miami] - LAR, WAS
nolaexpat [New Orleans] - LAR, WAS
SeanTaylorsaPIMP [Washington] - BAL, WAS
Woz [Washington] - MIN, WAS

stl4life07 [LA Rams] - LAR, disqualified due to editing
VIKINGS101011 [Minnesota] - BAL, disqualified due to editing

Lazy10 [Cleveland] - BAL, <no pick recorded>
welshpete [Miami] - BAL, <no pick recorded>
Jaymun [New England] - GRB, <no pick recorded>
Danger [Philadelphia] - BAL, <no pick recorded>
August4th [Pittsburgh] - GRB, <no pick recorded>

Blazer026 [Oakland] - OAK

devils1854 [Atlanta] - DET
Falconof Shadows [Atlanta] - DET

James [Carolina] - DET
Bowler1215 [Chicago] - DET

malibuspeedrace [Cleveland] - DET
cp0k2 [Detroit] - DET

detroitlions72003 [Detroit] - DET
MisterB1ll [Dallas] - DET
biggio7 [Houston] - DET
NeptunePenguins [Houston] - DET
tom cody [Indianapolis] - DET
Wyld Stallyns [Indianapolis] - DET

TedLavie [Kansas City] - DET
footbull3196 [Minnesota] - DET
HitStickAllDay [Minnesota] - DET

SteelKing728 [Minnesota] - DET
swede700 [Minnesota] - DET

zgrande [Minnesota Browns] - DET
ElReyDeLosReyes [New England] - DET

101Raider [Oakland] - DET
dante9876 [Oakland] - DET
nabbs4u [Philadelphia] - DET
Livewire [Pittsburgh] - DET
Aussie9er [San Francisco] - DET

11sanchez11 [Arizona] - TEN
imDelusional [Tennessee] - TEN
tntitans4life17 [Tennessee] - TEN

Texas_OutLaw7 [Dallas] - DAL

woleXmad [Baltimore] - CLE TIED
DawgX [Cleveland] - PIT TIED
hornbybrown [Cleveland] - CLE TIED
Reginaldm9 [Cleveland] - PIT TIED
Outpost31 [Green Bay] - CLE TIED
ThatJerkDave [Green Bay] - PIT TIED
kingseanjohn [Kansas City] - CLE TIED
ConnPatFan [New England] - PIT TIED
The Third Rider [New England] - PIT TIED
MrOaktown_56 [Oakland] - PIT TIED
AZ_Eaglesfan [Philadelphia] - PIT TIED
jonu62882 [Philadelphia] - PIT TIED

berlin calling [Baltimore] - NOR
PurpleLion [Baltimore] - NOR
Dingo18287 [Carolina] - NOR
iknowcool [Carolina] - NOR
ColGerBear [Chicago] - NOR
RJ_11 [Chicago] - NOR

MrCincinnati [Cincinnati] - NOR
bigjohnson2009 [Cleveland] - NOR
Runaway Jim [Dallas] - NOR
BroncoBruin [Denver] - NOR
Stafford4Pres [Detroit] - NOR
CWood21 [Green Bay] - NOR
JBURGE [Green Bay] - NOR
jp_chilli [Green Bay] - NOR
packerjmf [Green Bay] - NOR
pollino14 [Green Bay] - NOR

wiscsports1234 [Green Bay] - NOR
ET80 [Houston] - NOR

JaguarCrazy2832 [Jacksonville] - NOR
Edge [Kansas City] - NOR
Habbsawce [Kansas City] - NOR
Jakuvious [Kansas City] - NOR

TheKillerNacho [Miami] - NOR (previously picked DET)
xXxHOUSEDxXx [Miami] - NOR
KC_Guy [Kansas City] - NOR
vike daddy [Minnesota] - NOR (previously picked PIT TIED)
atmer [New England] - NOR
MookieMonstah [New England] - NOR
Troy Brown [New England] - NOR
Yin-Yang [New England] - NOR
Breesus [New Orleans] - NOR
Fray32 [New Orleans] - NOR

Spartica4Real [New Orleans] - NOR
Rockice_8 [NY Jets] - NOR
Nightmare [Oakland] - NOR
ninjapirate [Philadelphia] - NOR
Scalamania [Philadelphia] - NOR
TwoUpTwoDown [Philadelphia] - NOR

J-ALL-DAY [San Francisco] - NOR (previously picked NWEWAS)
jjbnum3 [San Francisco] - NOR
jonnguy2015 [San Francisco] - NOR
Fidgit [Seattle] - NOR
H.E. Pennypacker [Still Living In Denial] - NOR
EddieGeorge27 [Tennessee] - NOR
TitanSlim [Tennessee] - NOR
HTTRG3Dynasty [Washington] - NOR
Jeezy Fanatic [Washington] - NOR
Thaiphoon [Washington] - NOR
EddiefF [Zips of Akron] - NOR

megatechpc [Atlanta] - ATL
Trentwannabe [Buffalo] - ATL
N4L [San Francisco] - ATL

Shanedorf [Green Bay] - disqualified due to editing

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For editing this post in the middle of week 3, EaglesPeteC has been disqualified from the competition.
For joking about editing in the middle of this post in the middle of week 3, Manny/Patrick has been disqualified from the competition.
For editing this post in the middle of week 2, stl4life07 has been disqualified from the competition.
For editing this post in the middle of week 2, VIKINGS101011 has been disqualified from the competition.
For editing this post in the middle of week 1, Shanedorf has been disqualified from the competition.

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Unofficial Entries from My Family
Spawn of Woz #1 [Washington] - NOR
Spawn of Woz #2 [Jacksonville (for now)] - JAC, GRB TIED
Wife of Woz [NY Jets] - MIN, NYJ


For future rulings:

  1. Clarify that games that are start and are suspended will be treated the same as games that are completely rescheduled before starting.
  2. Add request for contestants not to edit kill themselves intentionally after they get knocked out.
  3. Clarify the "Continuing the Competition" section so that competitors don't feel they have to include their team if they don't want to. Alternatively, show what a completely valid pick for week 1 looks like versus the rest of the weeks. Show how they would show up.


This is the last post I edit as a host. Everything beyond this point, I am a competitor and subject to the editing rules.

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Question...because i assume it will happen:

If someone makes a pick now(Pick A)and then decides to change it later on(pick B)but doesnt specify that they previously made a pick for the same week(in 1 of the listed rules above) Which pick counts? Judging by other rules, pick A is non existent non but is pick B valid even though that person didn’t specify they previously made a pick? 

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