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Raiders fans, welcome to the new forum.    With this new update I hope we can increase the activity in your forum.   The old Raiders forum was getting  stagnant and boring.  We have a huge base of Raiders fans and this forum could be our most active and exciting.   Here are a few ways you can help increase the activity and make the place more fun.

Start new descriptive topics.  For some reason members don't start new topics anymore.  Instead everything is posted in a handful of general topics. This is really bad for activity and so boring.  It makes the conversation difficult to follow and many members don't want to sort through 25 pages of training camp talk to find something interesting.   So go ahead start a new topic about that rookie who is looking good in training camp or that vet who is struggling and could be cut.  Anything and everything Raiders should be discussed in here with a new topics.  

Follow the forum.  Click on the 'Follow' button above the 'Start New topic' button on the Raiders forum home page.  Now you can receive a notification when new posts are made in the forum.  Never miss anything and be ready to reply quickly.  You can get a push notification to your browser, a daily email, or weekly email.  

Click the football and like posts.  If a member makes a quality post click the football in the bottom corner and show them their efforts are appreciate.  You'll need to double click the football on mobile browsers.    This will encourage more activity and better content.  

Update your profile and put 'Raiders' as your favorite NFL team.   Now you're listed in a search for Raiders fans and other Raiders fans can interact with you easily. 

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