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Who are the most underpaid players in the league?


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Relatively speaking, and in the world of NFL contracts, of course.


- Deion Jones (4 years at $4.5m) - When you consider 25 Falcons are paid higher than he is, he's one of the best coverage LBs in a game that now demands coverage linebackers, rookie contract or not.

- Chris Harris (5 years, $42.5m) - How valuable is he? I'd argue he's very valuable, and 20 CBs shouldn't be paid higher than he is, per year.

- Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady ( both around $20m PA) - If you consider that they make less than Garoppolo, Cousins and Carr, then it's time to call shenanigans, right? 

- Jordan Howard (4 years at $2.6m) - Yes rookie contract, but he's certainly shouldn't be paid less than nearly 100 other running backs, per year ($650k salary)

- Rob Gronkowski (6 years, $54m) - It's hard to work out how much to pay Gronk. He's a TE, but do you really think say, Donte Moncrief and DeSean Jackson should be paid more than him, regardless of position? Who's more valuable, offensively? 

I'll let the Rams fans take A-Don.


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