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anyone else think Njoku better than Engram?


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sure Engram was better in 2017, but the Browns were a dumpster fire... Engram was force feed as the number 1 target, and is now the 4 target behind Beckham, Barkley, Shepard.... Browns now have a new establish offensive system. Tyrod has had good numbers with Charles Clay in the past.  Jarvis Landry is the clear 1, Gordan is a question mark, and Duke is still there.... But Njoku just seems like his going to be the next star TE in the league and better overall player



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Njoku is 4th in line for targets in a worse offense with a lesser fantasy QB....

Engram is 3rd in line for targets in a better offense with a better fantasy QB...


So relax a bit with the recency bias of a good preseason game.

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10 hours ago, Mega Ron said:

3rd in line after OBJ and Barkley.

I don't think he's seeing a lot of targets.

Yes...he should see close to 100 targets...Engram might even be 2nd in targets on the team.

Njoku is 4th in line with either a QB in Tyrod who has never thrown more than 450ish pass attempts or a rookie qb.

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Engram is far safer and deserving of the higher ADP. Njoku is a really nice later selection who could far outplay his ADP and get you incredible value, but I don't feel comfortable at the current point in time with him as my only TE on the roster.

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