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OLBs that I am calling about


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I am going to leave Khalil Mack off the list.

1. Za'Darius Smith, Baltimore, 6'4" 275lbs

A big physical OLB that had 3 sacks last season in a reserve role and that should be able to provide the Bears with an upgrade over Acho and move him into his more comfortable backup role.


2. Shaq Barrett, Denver, 6'2" 250lbs

This is one that I would really like, Barrett has consistently produced as a backup, he is a free agent at the end of the year so Denver may prefer to get something for him and he has experience playing OLB.


3. Shane Ray, Denver, 6'3" 245lbs

He is a free agent after the season and won't be back in Denver after they decline his option. Ray only had 1 sack in a injury filled season, but in 2016 he had 8 sacks and looked like the 1st round pick that he is.


4. Andre Branch, Miami, 6'5" 265lbs

He has been consistently a lower sack guy, but he was a productive pass rusher in 2016, got paid, and then had a mediocre 4.5 sack season. Now he is paid and backing up Robert Quinn and Charles Harris.


5. Carl Nassib, Cleveland, 6'7" 275lbs.

The Browns have a back log on the edge with Garrett and Ogbah starting and Chris Smith signed to be the primary backup. That leaves Nate Orchard [2nd] and Carl Nassib [3rd] light on reps and a spot.


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Orchard sucks. He'll get cut which will provide Nassib with more playing time.

I do like Za'Darius Smith. I loved him back at Kentucky. I always thought he would be better than his college teammate, Alvin Dupree, in the NFL. They both haven't been great, but Smith is the much better value (4th round vs 1st round).

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21 hours ago, Nads786 said:

Shane Ray is very intriguing. I think he can provide great value to us as an OLB. It's an injury risk but the reward could be huge. 

Agreed.  I think you can also buy very low on him right now.  Something like a conditional late round pick. Who knows, maybe a change of scenery back to the Midwest and tutelage under Fangio lights a fire under his ***.  

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1 hour ago, G08 said:

Irving looked good last night, as did my boy Kylie Fitts. I thought he got held a few times and there was no call. 

God damned refs. 

Irving did have the mental lapse on 4th, cost us the game. Very happy it happened now instead of the regular season though. A free learning experience. 


Funny enough I never saw anyone freak out and call for him to be cut for costing us a preseason game. Almost was proud of Bears fans. Lol

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