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PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

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36 minutes ago, Lions017 said:

Is it though? None of those guys played this week - though it looks like White should get to play tonight (I didn't start him though just in case). 

I mean, I had to start JD McKissic and Tyler Johnson this week. That's not ideal. 

Sorry.. that was just me being sarcastic because I'm super jealous of that roster. 


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4 hours ago, Irish Ninja said:

Looks like I’m rolling without a D today seeing the pats game got postponed. I have an empty bench spot I cleared up thinking I could pick up a D this am and play them but it’s not letting me pick anyone up?

Saints are on waivers until monday. You should be able to pick them up before the game unless someone blows a waiver spot on them. Seahawks got dropped today so they're on waivers through the week instead of FA. I actually think the Saints are the only potential option you've got! 🤔

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