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Will we ever see teams refuse to play starters in preseason?


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Teams are already starting to do that to some degree. How many teams barely played their starters in the third game this year? That is usually the dress rehearsal game. They should just cut the preseason by two games and make joint-practices mandatory. 

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22 hours ago, patriotsheatyan said:

It seems like preseason is becoming a bigger joke as time goes on while injuries get worse.

Will we eventually see most teams just not play their starters?

No.  The NFL has treated the preseason the same way forever and I don't see anything about the playing times of starters ever changing significantly.  They already play the starters extremely sparingly as it is but I think its still seen as important to get the starters at least some real, live reps in game situations just to get them into rhythm and tuned up for the regular season.  There are also schemes, plays, and concepts that coaches want to practice and experiment with during the preseason and it makes no sense not to expose the actual guys who will be playing the most to those concepts when it doesn't count, rather than hoping things work out during games that have consequence.

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No, if the starter is healthy they’ll play at least 20 to 30 snaps.

I think it’s more likely that in the next contract negotiations if the NFL is going to demand an 18 game schedule that the NFLPA demands just 2 preseason games or demands that the preseason is abolished entirely with also expanded roster sizes up to 55 active on game days, a 65 man roster and 15 on the practice squad.

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